Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

This one should make you all giggle... Last Saturday, I was wearing these breeches:

They're from Ariat, and probably very close to the top of my favorite breeches list. Or at least they WERE close to the top...
So Saturday morning, I went to trainer's barn to ride Badger (at the walk only... more on that tomorrow). After that, I went and ran several errands, the last of which was getting gas for my car. When I arrived at the gas station, before exiting my vehicle I glanced at my phone. In order to do so, I looked down toward my lap. And that's when I saw it. My fly had broke! The zipper was up at the top, but my fly was open! You guys... I have no idea how long I was walking around with an open fly! I was able to zip the zipper back to the start position, and then back up and it closed properly. It stayed that way after riding all three at home, so I'm hoping it was a weird thing and not going to be a recurring problem. But for real, I have no idea how many people saw me with fly down that day.