Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday's Threads: Shark Week Edition

Happy Thursday friends! It's warming back up here, so I'm much less grumpy than on Tuesday. I think some rain today, though it should be over by riding time this evening. But you're not here to talk about the weather, you wanna see some clothes! I have three outfits to share since I ran THREE miles this morning. And I didn't die. It was a close call, but I made it. I'm going to start with my work outfit today, since it's the most Shark Week relevant.

Sharks! You all should know by now I can't pass up a good theme. Just can't do it.

Dress: Peach Love
I have this dress in a pineapple and watermelon print, and it's really comfy. So when I saw it also came with sharks and was on sale, I clicked add to cart with almost no second thoughts. Normally elastic waists of any kind are the worst, but for whatever reason, this one works ok. And even if not... SHARKS!

Shoes: TUK Shoes
Heh... I mean... Yeah. I've had these on the watch list for a long time, but couldn't really justify a need for shark shoes. Then my size sold out and I was a little sad. BUT THEN, I saw the dress (on sale) and my size had been returned! Fate. I'm telling you. (Sorry about the pale legs. I ride horses.)

Arm Party!
So I don't have any shark jewelry. (Maybe next year!) But when I think of sharks, I think ocean, beaches, boating... And with all of those things you think sunny, right? So a sunglasses bracelet seemed fitting. This one is from Kate Spade. You've seen it before, it's one of my favorites.

Righty is donning some shark colored bracelets. The first is one I knotted myself, and the other I think came from Zulily? Not 100% on that. I found it in the jewelry box!

That's what I am wearing at work today, but don't worry, there's plenty more to see! Here's my riding outfit from last night:
Yes, that's right. I rode with my shirt untucked. The horror! But these very ancient breeches are super high waisted (and maybe a bit small in the waist...) so I folded them over, and you can't tuck in such a circumstance. Before you say, how is this shark week related? I will show you my sharky secret:
Shark Socks! These are from dreamers and schemers. I probably should have grabbed a photo prior to putting them on. My calves are so big they kind of distort the socks. Still awesome though. Ok, let's look at the rest:

T-shirt: OTTB Outfitters
I saw this tee when OTTB Outfitters was having a big sale and decided to grab one. It's cute, and I love the message.

Breeches: Ariat
These bad boys are OLD. I kind of miss the looser fit of this style. I don't miss the waist up to my boobs however.

Boots: Ariat Heritage Ellipse

Some real talk here. I got these boots last winter, but they totally didn't fit. I've had them sitting around trying to decide if I should sell them. I've lost a few pounds since then, and thought I'd give them another try. Low and behold, they fit! Yay! I love the snakeskin accent at the top and didn't even realize until yesterday that there's a little patent piping on the toe caps. Very cute. They hurt to break in, but also seemed to soften up pretty quickly. I'm glad I held on to them.

Helmet: One K Defender Snakeskin

I've been curious about the One K helmets for awhile. They seem to be less popular than the Charles Owen or Samshield but I'm always game to try new things (sort of). I thought the snakeskin might be fun to wear with my crocodile trimmed boots (and now these Ariats too!) but the price tag was a deterrent. Tack of the Day had them recently for under $200 and I decided to give it a try. They do run a touch big. I was worried that choosing the small might be too small, but it's actually a good fit. I might even see about getting a smaller liner as it's borderline a little loose? I'm not sure. It doesn't move around, but I think if I did some head banging it would move. Anyway, I rode in it last night, and I am a HUGE fan now. The air flow is incredible, possibly better than my Samshield even. It also sits down lower, so looks less bulky. I still prefer the look of the Samshield, so would definitely not switch for showing, but this helmet is one I'll wear a lot for schooling.

And lastly, my running outfit, which sadly is not at all shark week related.
I kept this photo low light, cause I can assure you, running tights do not flatter me. But they don't ride up like shorts. Comfort trumps attractiveness when it comes to running.

Tank: Hind
Nothing too special about this one. It's a very light weight, moisture wicking material. And it somehow matches the tights almost exactly which is surprising since they're not the same brand.

Tights: Kyodan
These are kind of fun. There's some pink up there by the waistline and the bottoms are actually mesh. They're nice and cool feeling even when you're all hot from the torture of running.

Sneakers: Mizuno Wave Sayonara
I probably don't have to keep telling you this, but I will anyway. I LOVE my Mizuno Wave Sayonaras. I have a few pair, and they all make my feet really happy. I have much less hip and knee pain when using these sneakers versus most of the others I've tried.

And that's finally it for today! Have you been watching Shark Week? (I haven't really sadly.) Have any favorites from today? What's your helmet preference? Have you tried the One K's?


  1. I got ridiculously excited when I read the title and your shark outfits did not disappoint 😂😂😂

    1. If only I had shark themed running clothes... Or SNEAKERS!