Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit DAY! I'm embracing our heat wave and actually wearing some of my cute summer dresses to work this week.
I love wrap dresses because for the most part, they fit whether you're plus or minus a few pounds. I'm currently plus about 20, but this dress doesn't show it! Good dress.

Dress: Fantastic Fawn
I got this dress and a second one in a different pattern from the now out of business Moxie.Style. While my wallet may not agree, I miss Moxie tons. I love these dresses and Jackie, the owner, offered them up at great prices. This dress may be a tad short for work, but we're pretty lenient here, and besides, I sit a desk most of the day anyway.

Shoes: Kate Spade
Sorry about my disgusting feet, but how cute are these shoes?! They're jelly shoes, and as they literally say, they're FUN!

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing the cutest ever Pug bracelet. It has an adorable pug face on one end and pug butt (complete with curly tail) on the other.

Righty is donning an obviously FUN bracelet also from Kate Spade. I love how quirky she is. Though I do wish the letters were the same colors as the shoes.

I also have a pretty silly riding outfit to share:
Yep, pink again! But this time NEON!

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
You saw this guy last week. He's finally getting his day in the sun! Literally! Ha!

Tank Top: Signature Tshirts
This awesome 80's inspired tank has those weird super wide arm holes that I didn't realize it had when I ordered it... But I wore a black cami underneath which made me feel ok about it. It might be fun with a neon pink cami too. I'm way too old to have my bra showing though. Do any of you youngsters even know what those things are on my shirt?!

Belt: Royal Sports
Have you all seen the Facebook ads for Royal Sports tack? I was curious about them as the prices are crazy low. They're not top quality leather, it's Indian, and vegetable dyed, but they're pretty nice for the money. They had a large 60% off sale so I grabbed a couple bridles and a two belts. This is one of the belts. I love that it's patent leather AND has fancy stitching.

Breeches: Tuffrider
These are on sale absolutely everywhere for around $30. I got mine awhile back and paid a little more, but I've worn them enough that I'm not sad about it. I like the gel patches on these.

Paddock Boots and Half Chaps: Broghini
I warned you last week about these. Are they as amazing as you imagined?! Yes, yes they are. Pink piping AND pink stitching, Patent leather... What more could you want?! Oh and also I paid under $60 for BOTH the half chaps and the boots total.

Obviously, if I'm going to be all decked out in neon pink and black, I had to carry my matching stick:
This was one of those I need $15 more dollars for free shipping purchases. No regrets here!

That's what I'm wearing today! How about you? Any favorites from today? Thoughts on Kate Spade and her quirky accessories?


  1. Okay, I just want an inventory post of your helmets and boots! Do you have an entire closet?!

    1. Well... truth is, my helmets and boots are mostly homeless at the moment. Working on remedying that soon though! But I'll see what I can do with that inventory post ;)

  2. Hahaha I agree with Holly 😂😂😂