Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

It was a relatively uneventful week around here. I didn't have much planned for the weekend other than a few braiding jobs and the usual riding at home. And I was a total slacker in the taking photos department so I don't even have pretty braid photos for you. Bad blogger!
I've been looking into replacing my fencing that surrounds the ring, the paddock, and Jampy's walkout. It's REALLY tough to find someone to install fencing that they don't sell you. But everyone around here sells the same stuff and it's not what I've been looking for. I currently have a wooden split rail fence. It was lovely until it wasn't. Wood just doesn't hold up well between the New England weather and the fact that both Rio and Romey are part termite.
There are LOTS of options for fencing: vinyl, electric tape, pvc, wood... But I really wanted something that looked somewhat natural but that would hold up better than actual wood. I'm not a big fan of the PVC fencing. It's pretty common to see it cracked and broken from the cold winters. Vinyl is a little more durable but really does not look natural. I'm not interested in electric. I'm not against it in theory, but I'm very clumsy and would just rather not electrocute myself on the regular. Which led me to some of the composite options. There was one I was considering back when I was building the barn, but they've since gone out of business. After getting some samples from a few places, I found one that actually puts a wood grain on the rails. Woohoo!

AND I found a local guy who will install. I met with him this weekend to go over everything and get a quote. I have one more meeting with him before spending all the money and actually ordering the fence. But I'm pretty excited that it's moving along. I'm going to do the grayish color since it's pretty close to the color of my barn and oddly enough even my footing matches! Very monochromatic at the farm apparently.

Jampy and I have been plugging along trying to get us both stronger and him more sound. In an attempt to help with that, I've been trying him on a new supplement. But first I must give a back story on it. Trainer has a vet that does body work on the horses, and she's kind of into Chinese herbs. I'm not sure I'm super into Chinese herbs, but hey, if it's not going to do any damage I'm willing to try new things. So trainer and body work doc wanted to try Badger on some herbs that build up the hind end. Trainer has used them before and thought they were really helpful. Funny thing about them, once the horse doesn't need them anymore, it can make them a little crazy. So you know to stop giving them, that's for sure! Long story slightly shorter, Badger was a little nutty soon after starting them so we took him off right away. He obviously didn't need them. I figured since I'd already bought them, I would try them on Jampy.

Looks like tea! Kinda smells like  tea too. I bet it's just really expensive tea.
I can't say that he magically felt a thousand times better, but he's been much more relaxed. And then all of a sudden he's started to really feel pretty good. I'm not sure if it's the herbs or what. But I'll take it! I really tested him by jumping two days in a row this past week. Just a few jumps each day, but I was curious to see how he'd feel after all that. And he's felt great!
Here are some snaps from our schools:

We're still jumping pretty small, but the oxer out of the combination was almost at 3'. Also note, we jumped toward the scary end of the ring! That's a pretty big deal for us. (Pats self on back.) Also a big deal is that there were no theatrics either day. Not once did we change directions abruptly without my asking. What a guy!

Rio's been feeling pretty great too... you know, for Rio at least. I've been letting him do some lead changes, and he does them so perfectly! They're a little bit extravagant, but he swaps all at the same time, so I'll take it. It's so hard not to point him at some jumps when he's feeling so good. But I'd like him to stay that way so we don't do that.

And then there's Romey... For much of last week I was feeling pretty good about Romey. I was being assertive and he started to give me some really nice trot work. Even our horrid canter transitions seemed to be improving. But really, look at this trot:
Yes, I do have draw reins on him. Romey enjoys a good scoot and spin and the draw reins help to keep that to just a scoot. As you can see they're not holding his dead down, or interfering in anyway when he's behaving himself. There's even a loop in both my reins here.  You can judge if you want, but you do you and I'll do me over here... Anyway, he really was giving me some great work, and I was almost enjoying him. That is until this weekend. He's playing a rousing game of Ducky 2.0 all of a sudden. For those of you that are new, Ducky was my adorable little gray hony who would grow roots and refuse to move for the better part of our rides. I actually had to send him for training to try and break that habit. Romey's not quite as stubborn. He'll happily meander around the ring at the walk. I just can't get him right to trot when I ask. He goes eventually. But it really can't be on his terms, ya know?
At first I was sure that he was hurting. But I palpated ALL over him to the point that he definitely would have objected it something hurt. (Let's be real, he objects any time you touch him, but especially if something hurts.) I got no response to anything. I talked to trainer (she's away or I would have had her out here) and she said some of them do that when they're at this point in training. She had one that wouldn't canter for three months. He was younger than Romey, but right about the same point he's at as far as riding goes. So I guess I just keep working through it. Hey, at least he's not running away and trying to buck me off right?
I think horses are much like riders are with learning. Every time you take a big leap forward, you end up taking a little step back. Hopefully that's all this is. Because he's going to be tough enough to re-home without also being stationary. Horses! Sheesh. Good thing he's cute.

Between braiding and horsing, I did make sure to take the short kids for an evening walk when the ground was cool enough.

They were so happy to finally go somewhere (it's been awhile).

They kill me though! Just before we get back home, there's a grassy area where the road V's off. Every time we get there on our way home, they insist on taking a break there. It wasn't too buggy this time so I didn't mind the stop. I took advantage and got those super cute tongue out photos above. And this one:

I also managed to sneak in a lobster roll at the lake for dinner.... POSSIBLY both Saturday and Sunday night... Don't judge. They're delicious! Sunday there was a band playing down there too so that was fun. I really love living where I do.

Last night I finally snapped some pics of my two extra saddles that I need to sell and posted them on the Facebook and Instagram. I had a neighbor try them today, but they didn't work, so hopefully someone else will come along. I'd prefer not to ship, but if you all know anyone looking, send them my way! Here's what I have:

Hermes Essentielle, 16.5" regular flap, regular tree. The Hermes tree is more narrow than most french saddles, but it is a spring tree so it has give to it. I've used it on all my warmbloods and they've all been comfortable in it. The only horse I had that it didn't fit was my medium pony.  Asking $2000 or best offer.

Delgrange, 16" short flap, medium tree. I think this tree is on the wider side of medium. I've had two people try it needing a wide tree, but it wasn't wide enough, so I'm still calling it a medium. I used this one on previously mentioned medium pony. I'm not sure which model it is, it's pretty old. I bought it used. It's had the panels replaced about 5 years ago, and hasn't been used much since I sold the pony. Asking $1000 or best offer.

And that's all that's up this Wednesday! What's up with you?


  1. Intrigued by the herbal stuff.

    Will be curious to hear how you like the new fencing!

    1. They are interesting! They have them for all different ailments. Badger is on one for allergies right now because he's SO itchy! Not sure if that one is working or not. I'd recommend the brand or whatever, but it's in chinese so I don't know! I get them straight from the vet.
      I'm curious to know too! Hopefully it can withstand the equine termites, as well as Romey kicking it...

  2. You have been up to way more than I have this Wednesday! It's making me tired to read about it.... lol

    1. This week was sponsored by coffee and excess sugar intake.

  3. Ugh, wish your Delgrange was a wide! New lease horse (of course) doesn't fit my med tree Antares, but his owner is solidly 9" taller than I am and rides an 18" long flap. Meanwhile, I ride a 16.5-17" short flap. Not exactly fun.

    1. Oh wow, you're total opposites! That is tough. I wish I could stretch it for you!

  4. You sound way too busy. But I'm bored out of my mind so busy would be nice right now.

    1. It has been kind of busy around here. My laundry pile is REALLY tall.