Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! Since my main reason for being here in Florida is to play with ponies, I have only a riding outfit today! Currently I'm in a bathing suit about to go lay by the pool and read my book club book. And I'm sorry, but I'm certain no one needs to see that image on the internet! So without further babbling, here's what I wore to ride this morning:
I know what you're thinking, a white polo?! Agree. Except down here I really play the part of spoiled amateur, so for the most part I stay pretty clean. Ok, let's break it all down!

Polo shirt: Joules
I think you've actually seen this one before. I got it when the Paddock was going out of business for stupid cheap. I LOVE it, though I kind of wish the colors were reversed so I could safely wear it more often.

Breeches: SmartPak
The lighting was a little funny on these, but they are a very dark blue denim. They were a closeout find last year, and they've held up great.

Belt: Rebecca Ray

Another one that was tricky to get the color right. This belt is a beautiful navy blue suede. I got it from Equestrilifestyle when they were having a big sale a few months back. It would be perfect to wear with side-zip breeches since the buckles are already on the sides, which you can't see here because I didn't think about that when snapping the photos... You can kind of see in the full length photo above though.

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
I don't have any pony socks, but I thought these hearts and whales worked well enough with my outfit today!

Shoes: Sperry
After my last trip down, my barn shoes finally died. So when I got stuck here due to bad weather, I found my way to the Sperry outlet and got a new pair. They're perfect to wear when you're not on or working around a horse.

That's what I wore today! What do you have on? Any favorites from today?

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