Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! Tardy again, work was CRAZY today. That day job is really interfering with my blogging and play time. Sheesh.
This past week was pretty quiets since I hadn't planned on being here. But one exciting thing happened... My ring thawed out and I've been riding Jampy! We've had a lot of rain lately, so it's not been an every day sort of start, but I'll take whatever I can get!
I had hoped to start riding Saturday, but it was pouring rain all day so that wasn't to be. Instead I ran some morning errands, then spent the day organizing some of my house. But Sunday! Sunday was a nice day! FINALLY! My hay delivery came in the morning. I was happy he had a use for my moldy leftovers so he took them away for me.
Once the hay was stacked I got Jampy out, tacked him up, and let him lunge for a bit. He was all kinds of nutso. Jamp isn't a bucker. He loves to run, and sometimes spin, but bucking isn't really his thing. Well Sunday on the lunge there was much bucking. I guess he didn't get the memo that he just turned 18. Thankfully he settled down and I had a decent ride on him.

Of course, once you get started working horses, you just want to keep going. So I brought Rio out for a little lunge too. He looked ridiculously good. I think there's a pretty decent chance I'll get to ride him again this year. YAY! That's home for me up there on Rio's back. I can't wait to get there.

I haven't quite found my big girl pants to start Romey back yet. Figured I'd get a few rides under my belt first so that hopefully I'll have a bit of a chance of staying on if he's naughty. I did try to take him out in the rope halter for some ground work, but he kept spooking and being a jerk, so once I got his attention on me, I quit while I was ahead. Also, Jamp told him how awesome Benadryl and applesauce is so now he's broken out in hives.

I feel terrible for him, he even has them on his face:
Poor guy. I'd feel a lot worse if he was a little nicer to me though... Kids.
After playing with all the tall kids, there was still plenty of day light left for the short kids to finally go out for a walk.
They were SO EXCITED! I don't like to take them out during the frozen months. We don't have much of a shoulder on our roads here, let alone a side walk, so there's not much room to keep us safe. Also the chemicals they treat the roads with to melt the ice is really awful for their pads. Needless to say, the pugs thought this was the best day ever. We walked about a half mile total, but you'd have thought it was ten.
Clearly, we need to work on our fitness.
And that's about all the excitement around here. How was your weekend? Have you been riding? Walking the pups? Do anything exciting?

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