Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's up Wednesday!

I feel like it's been so long since last Wednesday, it's been THAT busy around here. As expected, it rained the second half of last week, so I didn't get to ride again until the weekend. But before the weekend happened, I finally went to my Dr for a follow up about my tummy troubles. He suspects ulcers, so switched me to Omeprazole (basically I'm on gastroguard). Life is enormously improved my friends! That stuff is amazing. So if you wonder if it really helps your horse, the answer is probably yes.
Thursday evening we had our monthly wine book club meeting. After that, I met up with my younger brother. He was in town just for the night, so we grabbed a quick drink.

Anyway, back to ponies.
Saturday was a long day. I had a first birthday to attend at 11, after running a few errands first.

It was very cute, with an alligator theme. Normally, I find these mid day parties a total drag during riding season, but it was raining still that morning, so it worked out ok. It was also still raining when I got home at 2, so I did some arts and crafts until it cleared up:
More pony bracelets!
Finally the rain stopped, and while half the ring was pretty wet, I had a solid half that was decent footing. So I got to work getting everyone out. Rio had a lunge, and I rode Jampy and Romey. Nothing too exciting to report from that day, since you know, puddles and 3 days off beforehand.
Ah but Sunday.... Sunday was BEAUTIFUL! Maybe a touch cool in the low 60's, but the sun was shining and the ring was dry. All good things, my friends.
I started Sunday riding Jamp. I climbed right on and started our walk around the ring. He seemed to be in a great frame of mind, and even willingly walked to the scary end with no drama. But then, on the way back toward the barn he saw IT. It was the bush next to the barn that had bloomed overnight. Apparently flowers are terrifying. You know, if you're Jamp. He paused mid step and had no idea how to proceed. He really wanted to whirl around and run the other way, but he also didn't want to run back to the scary end of the ring. So he just stood there like a deer in headlights, trembling. He is a special sort that Jampy. I decided to get off, walk him over to the flowers, and then toss him on a lunge line for minute. Definitely the right call. He was CRAZY! He actually bucked amidst his running around in circles. Finally he gave it up, and I was able to climb on and have a nice ride. We even "jumped" a few things!
totally ready for show season right?
After his ride, he had a nice warm shower, and sampled the spring grass. It really was the nicest weather!
The best thing about Sunday (besides the weather) was that it was Rio's 21st birthday! You all know how I feel about Rio's birthdays, so I was as usual, ridiculously excited to celebrate with him.
I decorated his stall and got him a delicious carrot cake:
And I may or may not have attached birthday tiaras to his halter and bridle.

Yep, looks like I did do that. He didn't seem to mind. I think he likes his birthday just as much as I do.  We had the BEST ride! Walk, trot, and canter BOTH ways!

Though I suppose these photos are both from the same direction. You'll just have to trust me. He felt fantastic! After "work" he too had a shower and then enjoyed the fresh grass for a bit.

Finally it was Romey's turn. He felt really good Sunday (finally). He even went forward for some of our ride. So miracles do happen!
Though clearly, not moving in this photo.
It was getting pretty cool by the time I got to him, so he skipped shower time and went straight to snack time.

Hey, if nothing else pans out, at least he looks great in the yard...

After pony time, I promised the short kids a walk. They were more interested in sniffing and peeing on everything than they were walking, but we got about a mile in.
Monday was a non exciting day. Work, then yoga, then more rain so no riding. I figured the kids were going to have a week off anyway while I'm in Florida, so what's one more day?
Tuesday I started my morning off dropping the short kids at Grandma's.

I had some free time, so I stopped at Starbucks for a coffee and my favorite sandwich shop for an egg and cheese:
Do I know how to start a vaca or what? So much yum in one meal.
Then it was time to finish up getting the boys ready for the week without me, and myself to the airport. Ugh, I got to the airport and there was no parking. They actually had to open up a special lot allllllll the way on the other side of the airport for people to park. I'm almost 100% sure my car will be stolen or broken into while I'm away. If I had to choose, I hope for stolen, it has a lot of miles on it. Anyway, finally I got to the airport, and got checked in. The flight was uneventful other than the guy behind me eating something that may or may not have died six weeks ago.
This morning I got up bright and early to see Badger!
We had a great ride today. I'm not sure if he's growing up, or if the 85 degrees had anything to do with it, but he was relaxed and listening the entire ride. Yay! I think tomorrow we may jump a little. I might get to ride some others too. I love vacation boot camp!
I also got to take Hermie out for her first ride since getting a new seat and billets. She feels amazing, and looks like a brand new saddle!
And that my friends, is what's up this Wednesday. I'm excited for some fun in the sun. I'm working in the afternoons (after pony time of course) but I can do that in the sunshine too.
What's up with you this Wednesday?