Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thurday's Threads

Outfit Day! So you remember how I was all braggy about the summer like weather here? Yeah... I shouldn't have been so bold about that. Yesterday I'm not sure we ever hit 50. And today it's 51 and raining. So it's back to sweater weather. Boo. On the bright side I have some spring sweaters so at least it's not back to winter wear.
I figured this dark shadowy photo really captured the tone of the weather.

Sweater: Olive and Oak
I loved the different textures on this top. The body is all the same, but the sleeves are different. Kind of a fun twist to a simple sweater.

Jeans: Vigoss
You've seen these before. I have two pair and I wear them ALL THE TIME. Vigoss jeans fit me really well. They're just the right length and they have room for my butt.

Belt: C4
Umm... Did you know C4 had a BOGO sale? Did I not mention that? You can imagine how that went for my wallet. Anyway.... I got this pretty mint green belt with horse shoes all over it. It matches exactly with my sweater!

Shoes: Sperry
I figured I'd match my shoes to my belt buckle today. And no, I'm not wearing socks. And yes, I'm regretting that decision already.

Arm Party:

Lefty is sporting this awesome enamel bracelet from C-Wonder. It reminds me of those very fancy Hermes bracelets, but this one was $20.

Righty is wearing a spike bracelet from BaubleBar, a flower bracelet to contrast with the spikes (you know, badass, but still a lady), and another BaubleBar piece- an S bracelet. I'm excited that mint season is back, so I hope you're all ready for mint colored overload!

I have a riding outfit to share too, sort of. By the time I got home from work and got changed, it had started pouring. I will ride in the rain, but I kind of draw the line when it's only 45 degrees. So I put on breeches for nothing. Hey, at least I can share them on the blog!

Sorry, I forgot to edit this photo before posting. Let's just call it mood lighting.

Sweatshirt: Avalanche
I think you've seen this one before? I have it in four colors because it's the most perfect sweatshirt ever. It's fleece but looks like it's knit.

Breeches: Just Togs

These are from a British company called Just Togs. I ordered them from some place in England. I LOVE them! They also came in navy. Their very stretchy, but also a nice heavy material so they don't show any lumps. I really like the pocket details on the butt, and also around the knee area. They remind me of the much more expensive Ghodo breeches.

And that's it! I also wore my Tuffrider boots and hunter green helmet (which didn't match, but the other was in the house). You've seen them before so I didn't bother with photos of them today.

How's the weather where you are? What are you wearing? Any favorites from today?


  1. Great outfits are usual! I will have to keep my eyes out for just togs, never heard of them before. I'm wearing sad blah work clothes and it's gonna snow today :(

    1. What?! SNOW?! In April? NOOOoooo!
      I really like the Just Togs breeches. I found them on ebay initially, but you can probably google them and find them elsewhere.