Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursdays Threads

Outfit Day! With all this riding I've been doing, I actually have a riding outfit, TWO WEEKS IN A ROW! We'll start there. Here's what I wore Sunday to "ride" Jamp (I use that term loosely).
I was SUPER casual because I wasn't really sure if I was going to ride or not. Once I decided I was going to, I was too lazy to change into breeches. #lazyrider

Hoodie: Westbrook/Old Saybrook Athletics
My little brother played football his senior of high school and my dad bought us all sweatshirts that were a fundraiser. My little brother was number 13. This thing is pretty old, but still going strong!

Jeans: Hotkiss (I think)
I'm not actually positive on the brand. I wore these Sunday, and who can remember that far back? When I was in FL over the holidays I saw these at Marshalls. They reminded me of my youth, when my friends and I used to doodle on our jeans. I had to have them for nostalgia's sake. I can't really wear them a lot, since they're definitely not work appropriate. But for barn chores and riding? Sure! They are really soft and stretchy, so more like breeches than jeans anyway.

Half Chaps: Ariat
Paddock Boots: Dublin
I've had these half chaps a long while, but I don't really wear them that much. Not sure why, they're quite nice. The paddock boots were newly introduced into the rotation, but I bought them a few months ago. Horseloverz had them on closeout for $15. I bought two pair of brown and pair of black. Should keep me covered for awhile!

Helmet: Charles Owen
I'm still in love with my custom AYR8. My sparkly blue one has arrived too, but it's matching boots and half chaps are still about a month away. I have a feeling the helmet may make an appearance before then though.

Ok, on to today's work outfit!
It's been dreary and cloudy almost nonstop around here, so I brought my own sunshine to work today.

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
When I saw a wool/cashmere blend sweater in NEON YELLOW on sale at the Ralph Lauren outlet, it just jumped itself into my hands and insisted on coming home with me. Who am I to argue?

Scarf: My MOM!
My mom saw some neon yarn at the knitting store and knew it was meant for me. She mixed it with a sparkly black yarn, and it's the best scarf ever. EVER. What's better than a handmade NEON scarf? Nothing. Nothing is better.

Belt: Moschino
Ebay find. Authenticity possibly not guaranteed... But it's neon yellow, and I like it!

Jeans: Seven
Just a basic pair of black skinny jeans. I like that these have room for my thighs, but still fit my waist. Hard to find, my friends.

Boots: Lucky Brand
Confession: I forgot I bought these at the end of last year. I just discovered them this morning and was ridiculously excited about it. They are SO SOFT and fit perfectly.

Arm Party:
Lefty is sporting a neon yellow H bracelet and my trust Apple Watch.

Righty is BRIGHT! First up is a leather bracelet from... Um... I really don't remember. I've had it awhile. Next is a stretch bracelet from Forever 21, and last is a metal cuff from Baublebar.

And that's what I'm wearing today! Any favorites from today? What are your opinions on NEON? I know it's not for everyone. But it's definitely for me!


  1. Currently combing the internet looking for those lucky boots... those are exactly the kind of boots I want for work!!!

    1. They were an exciting find... Both when I bought them AND when I rediscovered them!

  2. Girl, I love the neon! Too much is never enough!

  3. This weekend I went super casual in a sweatshirt to ride. Totally worth it.

    1. Nothing wrong with that! I love a good comfy sweatshirt.