Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Lol. There is almost nothing at all up this Wednesday. I'm trying to rein in my spendaholic ways as of late, but that's going terribly. Why does everything have to go on mega sale when I'm trying to be good?! Hopefully I'll be better at that next week..... hahahaha. I need a support group.
In horsey news, it's been REALLY warm here in CT for February. I'm talking consistent days in the mid 40's and more than a few over 50! Sunday it was 62! SIXTY TWO! That's riding weather except that my ring is still covered in snow. And now that it's melting from the top down, it's not safe to play in. It's just slippery and dirty and gross. So that was a total tease.
Photo from Saturday when it was less warm but still awesome.
Despite not being able to ride or graze or do anything out doors with my horses, I still wanted to hang with them in the nice weather. So we opened up the barn doors, and got to work making them look less feral. This included mega curries and pulling manes. I'm happy to report that Rio and Romey are nearly down to their summer coats. Jampy is taking a bit longer which is the usual pattern for him. (One in every crowd...) Since I have very little to talk about, I shall share before and after photos of our new mane-do's.

Mane Pulled

And braided over!
Wild animal

Pulled, but still wild

Banded over. Hopefully under control by next week.
Long, Flowing Locks


Rio only needs a few training braids, because he is nearly perfect.
I also cut off the feathers Rio has been growing all winter. I swear he's part draft horse. Also, his ergots. Man. Those things are fatter than my fingers! No lie.

Of course, once I got everyone looking nice, they had to try and ruin it. Last night I found Romey with a slightly fat leg. Thankfully I think a little cut he gave himself is the culprit. I cleaned it up and slabbed some good ointment on it, and hopefully it will be better tonight. Jamp decided to break out in hives:

They're kind of hard to see in the photo, but he was lumpy all over. I called the vet, and he said to give it a day and see if they go down. He wasn't any more itchy than he normally is, was acting completely normal, and had no fever. So I'll check him at lunch to see how he's doing. If no better or if they're worse, I'll start him on some benadryl for a day or two. No idea what could be causing them because I haven't changed a thing. We're working on the same load of hay we got in the fall, the shavings are the same as always, and no changes in feed. I suppose it's possible there was something in just one bale of hay though. You never know what gets in there.
Thankfully Rio didn't pull any weird stunts last night. Two is enough for one day guys.
That's about it on the equine front this week. I'm crossing my fingers that lots of melting will go on this week and MAYBE I'll get to start these guys back to work soon! A girl can dream!

In other news, my small town had their Winter Carnivale on Sunday. As mentioned before, it was a beautiful day to hang out in town! They close down the roads (my town center is like a block long, seriously small towny!) and the local restaurants all sell delicious food right on the street. It's kind of a big deal around here, especially on such a nice day. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:
Shuttle Bus, no parking near the center for this event

Fife and Drum

This pony had zero interest in partaking in the Fife and Drum

Kind of far away, but it's a girl on stilts, and a dude juggling on a really tall unicycle. How do they get up there?

The best ice sculpture

Probably second best.

More ice sculptures
Tractor Parade
That was probably the most exciting thing to happen to me this week! I suppose that's good, who needs excitement?
What's up with you this Wednesday? How's the weather by you? Does your town hold any events our like our Winter Carnivale?


  1. Why are you so much better at pulling manes than me?

    1. Just all the practice. I'm the one who will have to braid that mess if I do a bad job!

  2. I need to trim whiskers and manes on my crew so bad...

    1. I haven't done whiskers yet. I'm waiting for real spring to break out the clippers!