Thursday, February 2, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

I suppose this is actually What's Up Thursday since it's after midnight. It was a long day! It's been kind of busy around here so I have lots to tell you. But I'll try and be brief cause it's past my bedtime.
Last Wednesday evening my family and I had dinner scheduled with our attorney's and bankers to celebrate the sale of our company back in June. So crazy after all these years to think we don't own it anymore. But it was a lovely dinner, and I ate enough for seven people. The rest of the week was the norm, work, brush horses, sleep, repeat.
Saturday I had another lesson. I rode Liam again which was nice. I felt more comfortable on him this time since I knew him a little bit. We started off with some flat work to get him moving off my leg and giving in both directions. Then we went right to jumping. We started this time cantering a cross rail that was set in the middle of the ring. We cantered it off a circle to the left, and it was a great exercise for me. I like to turn in early and make a nice short approach (less time to change my mind!) but this exercise made me use all my space since we were working with a such a small area. After that, we went right on to jumping courses. You guys! I jumped 3'3" and didn't panic or miss or anything! Miracle! On a horse I barely know! This is big for present day me. Maybe not for 16 year old me, but we haven't seen her in ages. I wish I had media to share. But I don't. I don't know anyone all that well there yet, so I don't want to be a narcissistic creeper and ask a stranger to film me.... But maybe one of these days! To hold you over, here's a photo of my trainer's baby horse who lives at my new lesson barn for now:
The headless mare is Candy, who you might remember from the one time I showed at WEF a few years back! She's a momma now. This baby is by Zirocco Blue. They call him Baby Blue, but I imagine that won't stick when he's older. I think he's going to gray out like parents.
By the time I got back home Saturday, it had gotten pretty chilly and damp out so I opted out of working the horses. Instead, they all got curries and carrots. They like that better anyway.
Selfies with Jampy
Sunday it was actually pretty nice out, so I decided to do something with my herd. Rio had a lunge and looked pretty great. I swear, I could watch him for hours and never get bored. I hate that he's not a kid anymore. I took some video of him but no photos. Instead, here's his face begging for treats:

Jampy had a rather wild lunge and then I climbed aboard. We didn't get much done because the neighbor was outside being noisy. Jamp's gotten pretty good at dealing with that, but not really after the whole winter off. Fair enough buddy. We did try out his new noise cancelling bonnet, which turned out to be a great decision on my part. 

I tried to take Romey out for some groundwork, but he was a wild animal, so I noped out of it. Not worth the battle when I know snow is coming and we won't be consistent moving forward. I did make him do some exercises in listening to momma in the barn though. He was actually quite good. 
That's about it for horse related excitement this week, but hey, that's pretty good for January!
In other news, I've been getting crafty! You already saw some of my spur straps I made. I'm happy to report that I used a pair and they haven't broken yet! So that's good news. I've also made a bunch of bracelets. Or assembled them... Whatever. I've done a whole bunch of these horse head clasp ones and also these double wraps:
I love that I had enough leather to do a wrap and a horse head, for a gorgeous matching stack! I've done a few different colors and may or may not have ordered more supplies. 
I also found some straps on etsy to switch up the photo charms I have. I did one for Rio, one for Jamp, one for my old boy Bud, and I couldn't forget the pugs!

These are fun, and it's really easy to switch out the charms, so one bracelet can be done up all different ways.
I might have exponentially increased the size of my bracelet collection.... 

That's about it from Winthrop Corner. I will leave you with some adorable Pug photos.


  1. What brand of noise-cancelling bonnet did you get? I've been thinking about getting one for Moiya, but I don't want to spend a ton since it'd be just for schooling.

    1. It's from Horze, and was around $20. I think it's this one, but they only have kind of blah colors left right now:
      I figured I'd try this inexpensive one and if I like it, I can get a fancy one later.

  2. Lots of stuff going on! I'm very impressed you are so crafty :) Thanks for the puggo pics...made me smile after like an hour of sleep last night haha

    1. I feel like I can't take much credit, I just glued the leather to the clasp....
      The pugs are absolutely the best medicine for almost everything.