Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

Soooo.... Today's confession? I forgot it was Tuesday and didn't prepare anything to confess. So I guess I'll tell you about my drinking alone tonight.
I'm generally very against solo drinking, but I figure if I go to happy hour then I'm totally not drinking alone. Plus, I'm on vacation! So I went to Cabo Flats in Jupiter for some dinner and a drink. You guys. They had blueberry lemonade mojitos for $5! It was delicious.
I also had a taco salad in my attempt to eat some vegetables. But the best part was the dude singing and playing guitar. Mike Sanchez. He played some Prince, some Tom Petty, and some original songs too. Check him out on iTunes. He made a point when he took a break to chat with everyone at the bar. He's playing some other places this week, and I just might have to catch him one more time before I head home... Did I mention he's pretty?
So I guess today's confession is that I drank alone and developed a school girl crush on the bar musician. Pretty decent evening if you ask me.

Anything you need to confess today? Let's chat in the comments!


  1. If you feel bad solo drinking at happy hour on vacation, just text me and I'll enable you ;)