Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday's Threads: St Patrick's Day Edition

Happy Thursday everyone! It's outfit DAY! AND it's a theme day! Being that probably 60% of my wardrobe is some shade of green, it's not very difficult to dress for St. Patty's day. So let's see what I dug out of the closet for today:
Yep, I went with an old standby. Nothing like a nice cable knit sweater and some Sperry's!
Sweater: Ralph Lauren
I like that this sweater has a boat neck instead the usual round neckline you see on these cable knits. I also love the gold buttons for a little something extra.

Jeans: Rue 21
These are oldies but goodies! I'm a little behind on laundry so I didn't have too many options for light colored denim.

Belt: Delia's
What better day to bust out my beer cap belt?! Though this belt is clearly sending a terrible message about drinking and driving, I do appreciate it in a stylish sense. The belt itself is made from recycled tire tube and the buckle is from a real seat belt from back in the day. The bottle caps are actual beer caps too. I got this belt when I was 17. Which means it's approaching its 19th birthday. This belt is older than Jamp. Whoa.

Shoes: Sperry's
It's no secret that I have a Sperry's addiction. And obviously finding a pair in hunter green was like a dream come true! So much love for these. Forever and always.

My photos wouldn't rotate today... sorry friends! Lefty is sporting a couple of Nakamol bracelets from the days of Little Black Bag. Nakamol makes the prettiest friendship bracelets! I need to go through my hoards of bracelets and find them all again. Lefty is also sporting my apple watch. You may be thinking the strap looks a lot darker, and you would be right... Last week when I oiled bridles, I forgot to remove my watch. So it also got oiled. It's a lot darker now, but it's also really soft. So I can't decide if I've ruined it or made it better.

It's really bothering me that this photo is upside down. I mean... REALLY BOTHERING ME! But technology and I don't always see eye to eye, so I guess upside down it shall stay. This entire stack came from Nicole's Creations. You'll learn more about it when I finally get around to catching up on the last several months! I love all of these bracelets. The color is bright and fun, I love the "dream" plate on the wide one, and the bead on the chain bracelet is GORGEOUS!

I forgot to get pictures from riding last night, so no horsey outfit today. Hopefully next week!
What are you wearing today? Did you remember to wear your green?


  1. yay for wearing green!! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Ralph Lauren is definitely one of my favorites

  3. Wow, well done! I wore a green headband haha... kind of called it in this year.