Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday's Threads

You're never going to believe this... It's NOT snowing! The SUN is out! I mean it's still cold:
But the sun's shining! I'll take it! They told us yesterday it would be snowy for the morning, so I'm super happy they were wrong this time. I picked out my outfit last night though, with the intention of bringing my own sunshine to work today. You know what that means! NEON!

I love neon yellow. Hot green and bright pink too, but I love neon yellow best of the fluorescent hues. I think because it reminds me of sunshine. And sunshine makes me happy. Let's look closer!

Top: Aeropostale
 Heathered, neon, and cable knit. All of my favorite things! Plus it's a cotton/poly blend which means it can wash and dry.

Scarf: unknown
I can't recall where I got this scarf. I'm pretty sure it was Zulilly, but it doesn't have a brand on it anywhere. It's a nice lightweight infinity, and is perfect for today! The sweater has a wider neckline, and this accessory keeps me from freezing at my desk!

Pants: ZCo.
I think dark denim looks best with neon. That or black, but today I was in the mood for dark denim. I picked these pants up at Deb the weekend before last. They're going out of business so all the jeans were super on sale. I think maybe I should have sized up a bit, but hopefully now that I have and am using the treadmill, these will be just fine.

Shoes: unknown
These shoes are crazy. They are similar to Converse Chucks, but they are knee high. And lace all the way up! So crazy! They came with white laces, but I put green and yellow in instead. I found them on ebay, and think maybe they are actually from Claire's. But I'm not certain.

Arm Party:
How fantastic is that giant glass stone?! That came from Ettika when they had their end of summer sale. They make the cutest string bracelets (and others too!). As per the norm, my trusty watch is next to that great bracelet. I was actually going to wear my rubber neon watch, but it needs a battery.

First I have on a leather bracelet with giant silver bolts. I THINK I got this from Loehmann's awhile back, but I can't honestly remember. I love it though, it's really soft and comfortable to wear. Plus it's neon! Next to that is another Ettika piece. This one has a black stone and is macrame. So cute!

Since it's 18 degrees and feels like 7, I have layered on some outerwear. I don't have a pic with my full gear on, but I did take two with this awesome vest:

This one came from Fabletics (note: that's an affiliate link. If you click through and place an order, I get some free credit toward a new outfit. Which would be awesome...) It's a lightweight down vest in charcoal with neon zippers. Obviously I had to have it.
Not to go off on a tangent... but here I go: I think this lightweight (some call it packable) down is one of the best inventions of all time. Seriously. It's REALLY warm yet not at all bulky. I love it for riding in the cold, shoveling snow, whatever it is you have to do in the misery of winter. I actually have two jackets and two vests from Eddie Bauer that I HIGHLY recommend. They also wash and dry great. I think I'd like to get a longer coat version as well.

Ok, back to Thursday's Threads! Tangent over. So what are you wearing today? Are you enjoying some sunshine where you are? 

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  1. Loving that sweater and THAT NEON!!!! you know how I feel about neon :)

    Katie @