Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekends and stuff. But mostly snow.

It looks pretty doesn't it? From far away? And the warmth of your computer screen. But UGH. So cold. Saturday morning Pia had a vet appointment at 8 am, so that meant a late start for barn chores. I think it was for the best though, as Saturday morning was BITTER cold. And SO WINDY! But hey, at least it wasn't snowing. Due to the frigid temps, the horses were not interested in staying out long, so that at least got the chores done fairly quickly! Also my Gator wouldn't start, so no poo dumping. Record fast chore day?
The rest of Saturday was spent waiting for my nails to dry and getting pretty for the banquet. You can see my nails here. So speaking of getting pretty. Isn't amazing the difference an angle can make? I mean look at these photos:

I look reasonably sized yes? Now look at this one:

It's like I gained 20 lbs in one photo! Seriously ladies, angles matter. But anyway, back to the banquet. This was the Connecticut Hunter/ Jumper Association year end awards banquet. Jampy and I were Champion in the Adult Equitation, and also received the High Point Adult Equitation award.
Here is a photo of our spoils:

I'm so proud of my boy! We have another banquet in March and a few awards coming in the mail soon. What a good pony he was last year. I can't wait for all the snow to melt so we can get to work.
Sunday started out pretty cold again. Since it was supposed to warm up, I fed the horses and then went back in the house to make breakfast and be lazy for a little bit. Eventually, around 9:30 I got to work and let the horses out. Did some shoveling I'd been putting off too.

Rio napping in the sunshine

Jampy definitely not napping

Duck Cheesing for the camera, he really is adorable.
After chores, I braved the store... Have you ever been to the grocery store the day of the Super Bowl, and before a big storm?! It's busy folks. I was surprised at how well prepared my small local store was though! They weren't out of anything! Last week before the storm, there wasn't a banana to be found. Guess they learned from the recent past. Nicely done local store!
At long last it was time to settle in, watch the game, and do the laundry. I wasn't really rooting for either team, but was leaning toward the Sea Hawks. So much for that. The commercials were great though!

This morning I woke up to.... MORE SNOW. Seriously this is getting out of hand. Monday and Friday last week. Today. I think more is coming Wed and possibly Thurs. UGH! Someone turn off winter! Please? The horses were stuck in today, because I had to work from home, which I can't do from the barn. Plus it was sleeting all morning, and I don't think they'd have enjoyed that anyway. And the weather encroached on the indoors too!
Snow in the barn:
Rain in the house:
Oy. What a day. At five when work was done, I shoveled a bunch. Tried to clean off the truck but the wind was blowing it all in my face, and I said uncle. That can wait till morning. Sunshine tomorrow! Highs near 20... but sunny at least.
I honestly do love living where I do, but these cold, snowy winters can be a bit much for a single home/farm owner. On the bright side, I can take photos like this one:

How was your weekend? Did you go to a Super Bowl Party? Is it warm and sunny where you live? If it is, don't tell me.


  1. I'm going to say, I'm a little jealous of the snow. Not of bitter cold barn chores, or leaky ceilings, but the snow.

    Congratulations! I always seem to get caught at that unflattering angle and ugh! It's horrible! But you looked gorgeous! Loved your dress!

    The weekend was great but busy. Of course. We did go to a Super Bowl party, although we left in the 3rd quarter. We were rooting for the Seahawks, too. Dammit!

    1. Ha! Well I can see if you never get snowing, wanting to see a little. Just a little though! This is crazy!
      Thank you! I totally shouldn't have bought the dress (I've been shopping too much!) but I couldn't resist. It was half off!
      The Sea Hawks totally blew it didn't they?! Sheesh. Good game though!