Monday, February 2, 2015

Mani Monday!

WHOA! Can you believe it? Another Mani Monday post! I may take a break next week though, my nails are looking pretty rough under that polish. 
So anyway, I had an awards banquet on Saturday night, and I needed my nails looking fancy and a little horsey. I actually had a slightly different manicure planned, but it turns out, that purple glitter wasn't in a clear base. Oops.
Here is the dress I was needing to match:

It's a little tough to see in the photo, but the dress is a very pale mint green with a silver tulle (I don't know how to spell that...) and purple/bronzy sequins. I had wanted to do mint nails with purple glitter done as a gradient, but it wasn't to be! Purple tips worked too. I also used the Jamberry nail wraps you've already seen as accents. Rio on the left thumb, and the horses on the right middle. Here are more pics:

I started as I normally do with Nailtiques as a base coat. The mint color is L'Oreal Mint Glacee. I wasn't in love with it. It took three coats to get full coverage and still was a bit streaky. It did dry fairly quickly though. The glitter is Julep Aviva. It's a great color and I think if you did the entire nail it would only take two coats for full coverage. I finished off the mani with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. 

What's on your nails today?

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