Friday, February 13, 2015

Fun New Subscription!

Nicole's Creations - HandCrafted Macrame Jewelry

You know I love a good surprise in the mail. Especially when surprises are under $20.00. Well I stumbled upon Nicole's Creations recently. Nicole makes gorgeous string jewelry up in Maine. She has a web shop so you can find anything available that she's created on there, but you can also opt for a monthly subscription. There are two options, $10 or $20. You will be surprised by Nicole with what you get, but I did select that I prefer bracelets. I also chose the $10 option. My first delivery just arrived, wanna see?! Of course you do!

So pretty! Nicole chose a neutral tone for me because, as she said in the personalized note, it would go perfectly with the arm candy I already have! (She stopped over here at the blog to get a sense of my style.) So this is actually two bracelets, I will show you more below.
They came packaged in this adorable burlap pounch:
And I was so surprised to see two bracelets in there! I figured with the cheaper option it would just be one. So here they are:
Wide bracelet:

 Narrow bracelet:

 Stacked together:
Nicole asked for my wrist measurements when I ordered, but I think I guessed a little small, so I'm going to ask her to make them just a tiny bit longer next month. Since they're string, they'll stretch and these will still be perfect, but a little more room will be even better for next time.

I love these! They can stack with other pieces I have, or just go together, or even alone. So versatile!

Would you be interested in subscribing? If so, head on over to Nicole's Creations to get started! If you're kind enough to mention me (Stacie from Amateur at Large) I'll get an extra surprise with my next month's delivery. Which would be super awesome. No pressure though! I think this would also make a great gift. All girls love a surprise in the mail, and if it's jewelry, all the better!

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