Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

Sometimes I buy things twice... Usually it's not on purpose. But I just recently bought something a second time totally on purpose. But the second one was way better than the first.

Ok, maybe not WAY better... The boots on the left are from an unknown generic brand. They are synthetic leather. The pair on the right are Michael Kors. Real, buttery soft leather. Mmmmm... pretty. I had seen them at TJ Maxx over and over. Lusting at them from afar, but not buying them because a. they were $125.00 and b. I already had a VERY similar pair.
Fast forward to after Christmas and they were on clearance for $75.00 with a red sticker. I still abstained. Don't be wasteful Stacie. You don't need them! But then about a week ago, I saw them again. With a YELLOW sticker! $55.00! For Michael Kors Boots! Yeah. We all know I can only restrain myself so much. So now I have two pairs of nearly identical boots. BUT here's how I justify it: Everything around here is covered in ice, snow, salt, and sand. This is very bad for leather boots. VERY BAD. So in these instances I need a good pair of synthetics. Right?!

Are you ever frivolously wasteful? Have you ever accidentally bought something twice?


  1. LOL! Code Yellow!

    I can be wasteful. And yes, I've bought things twice. I also have a lot of things that are the same style and in different colors.

    Enjoy your Michael Kors boots! If it makes you feel better, you can donate the off-brand ones so someone else can benefit!

    1. It was a code yellow! Haha!
      I'm glad I'm not the only one. I mean of all the bad habits to have, shopping isn't the worst... but I still feel guilty sometimes.
      I was actually planning on donating the other boots! I need to do a shoe purge and make a big donation at the end of the season.