Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Stridebox!

You've all seen Stridebox on the blog from time to time. It's one of my favorite subscription boxes! I joined right from the start of this company because at the time I was really getting into running and didn't have much knowledge on what kinds of products were available to runners. This sub seemed like a great way to try new things! And it definitely has been. I love that it comes not only with nutrition/fuel/hydration, but also with new products that aren't edibles. My favorites have been anything that lights up... Shocking I know!
Last year, for Stridebox's first birthday, they sent all of us early subscribers a special birthday box. Such a nice surprise, and really makes you feel appreciated as a customer! In the card they mention that all early subscribers get a birthday box, whether or not they're still a subscriber. How thoughtful and generous is that?!
Well Stridebox just turned two, and once again, they've spoiled us early birds with a birthday box! And holy cow, is it a good one!

Birthday Card

First look! Love the gold paper
 Ok on to the goods!
 This is a frosted brownie flavor... Um, yes please! I haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait to shove it in my piehole give it a taste.
 You can never go wrong with Nuun tabs. They're easy to travel with, lightweight, and delicious!

 I can't wait to play around with this Rundana! I love the gray plaid print I received! This can be worn in a ton of ways: as a mouth cover for cold runs, a head band, ear warmer, neck warmer... the options are endless! It will look great with that Puma jacket I bought last year too!

 I thought I had gotten the actual Stridelights in the photo, but it appears all I got was the card they were attached to... Sorry about that! We actually got them I think last month in a box, but I'm excited to have two pair! They slide through your laces and light up with movement. Perfect for winter runs when it's always dark out. ALWAYS.

 THIS! This is the most exciting thing I think I've ever gotten from Stridebox... Maybe even more exciting than the light up slap wrap. (That thing really is amazing though.) What is it you ask? It's a Milestone Pod. You can learn more by clicking the link over there <-- In a nutshell, it keeps track of your shoe mileage so you know when to replace them. That's at the simplest level. The more exciting part is that if you sync it to your phone, it can track pace, distance, cadence, and you can even program your emergency info to it! It's always on, so you just put your shoes on and go. It has a USB plug, so you can easily download the data to your computer. I'm excited to set this up!

 Stridebox sends these little running logs from time to time. I'm pretty lazy about such things, but for more serious runners, I think they're super handy.

Stridebox always sends a cute sticker or two in the boxes, and no exception for the birthday box! I love the little window one, I think I may stick that in the truck window.

How great is it to get a present for someone else's birthday?! I think it's pretty fantastic! If you're interested in subscribing, the cost is $15.00 per month. Head over to Stridebox and sign up! As far as I know they do not offer referral discounts, so I do not gain anything if you subscribe.

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