Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blueberry Cove Beads

You may remember Blueberry Cove Beads sent me their first ever box for review. Well, it was so fantastic I decided to subscribe! So here's my next box and also some of the items I've created from what was included.
This month's theme was Vintage Tea Party. I am so impressed with how well Blueberry Cove Beads is able to stick with their themes! Even down to the info card:

Ok, let's go see what's in the box:
 Silver spoons! I haven't decided what to do with these spoons yet. I think they would make awesome earrings, but I only wear studs. I would rather use them for something I would actually wear. Maybe a necklace?

 Tea time!
 Tea pots

More spoons! These are teeny and so cute.


 I LOVE these floral beads. Which is funny because floral isn't generally my thing. But these? Love them!
 This kind of floral is totally my thing! These little flowers are so pretty!

 Pearls! Pearls definitely fit with the theme, and they are super trendy right now. I can't wait to make lots of things with these!

Lavender pearls! What's better than pearls? PURPLE ONES! These are fantastic too. I want to make all the things with these.


 Ok, chain necklaces might not be findings, but just go with it. I'm so happy these were included! I shortened them some for the pieces I made, but you'll see that soon enough!

 I don't know what these are actually called, but they're really useful. You can turn any bead into a pendant or charm with these! And there are lots of them, so that's even better.

Itty bitty screw eyes! These are recommended for use with something in the next category. And again there are lots so they can be used for other projects too.


 Tea cup and saucer! How cute are these? I put them in the other category as they are not drilled. You'll have to see what I decided to with them below...

 Filigree pieces! The challenge this month is to make a necklace using one of these. So obviously you'll see one of those below too.

Cake! Mmmm cake.... So these are the pieces they recommend for the screw eyes. Unfortunately, I was only able to get one into the slice of cake. The others didn't seem to want me doing that... So I'm not sure yet what I'll do with them. They're adorable though, so I'm sure I'll think of something.

And now... My creations!
Pearl Stretch Bracelet:

 This is so simple, but so pretty! Sometimes less is more.

Charm Bracelet:

 This is my ode to the theme piece. Tea time clock, tiny spoons, and teapots! I also used some gold spacer beads that I already had in my collection.

Tea Cup Necklace

 I decided to glue the cup to the saucer and make it into a pendant. My go-to neck wear is almost always a chain with a pendant. I'm not really a statement necklace kind of girl. I honestly love this. Again simple, but so perfect!

My challenge piece:

I mentioned above that the challenge this month was to make a necklace with one of the filigree pieces. I thought about using the giant one, but again, I prefer daintier necklaces, so I used the smallest one instead and included those gorgeous floral beads! I was pleasantly surprised that they fit through the chain. I'm not sure it will win (winner of the challenge gets a free month) since it's nothing too elaborate. But I like it and will probably wear it at some point. 

That's it for now! I still have a lot of items left from this box, so we'll have to see what else I can come up with!

I think this box is a great value. It's $22.00 plus $5.00 shipping. It takes about a week to get to me, but since it ships from Canada, that's not bad! I don't think there is a referral program, but if you're interested in subscribing just click here for more info!


  1. love the spoons and pearls!! :D

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

    1. Aren't those spoons adorable?! I love this box so much!
      Hope you have a great week too!