Wednesday, February 14, 2024

What's Up Wednesday


I need to start taking notes throughout my week, because I barely remember what went on... We're kind of in that point of winter where every week feels mostly the same. So there's not a ton to report on (or remember). Anyway... 

Eros' hives have gotten REALLY bad, so I just recently started him on some Benadryl which should hopefully help. Also, the new shavings came, so hopefully that will just fix the problem. Otherwise, he's still living his best life. We had a few beautiful days where the weather was sunny and in the 50's. Felt like spring! So E got to do his walks outside, and we both really enjoyed them. We walk for 30 minutes and usually cover about 1.1 miles. But outside E had some pep in his step and we managed just under 1.5 miles in the same amount of time. We even got to see Al during our walk since he was having his outside time while E and I were strolling.

Speaking of Al, he had a decent week. Not the best we've had but not bad either. Thursday we had a pretty great lesson, but then our Saturday lesson wasn't as great. He was more distracted and not moving off my aids very well. We rode a little earlier than normal though, and it was pretty chilly still at that point in the day, so I'm not getting worked up about it. This week it's cold again, and tomorrow's lesson will be in the low 20 degree range so I have no expectations for that either. Hopefully it's at least less windy than today. The indoor was rattling it was blowing so hard! And the snow is still up on the roof... These are wild times my friends. Wild times. Thankfully the goat's been wandering free lately to keep Al company with his thoughts...

The goat lives with Al's half brother CD (who we lesson with!) but is allowed to roam in the mornings. When he was a baby goat he was raised by all the barn dogs, so he's not really sure what species he is. He wags his tail like a dog. Doesn't eat tack or carrots, but does like donuts. He also especially likes to pull the jump flowers out of the boxes and drop them on the ground. He's a pretty good goat as goats go. And Al really seems to enjoy his company. 

Shiny was SASSY this week! She was kind of sticky all week, not wanting to get to work at all. I was thinking she may be coming due for some maintenance, but I don't actually think so. I'm pretty sure she should't be due for a bit longer. Our Thursday lesson she was cranky about picking up canter, but once she got going she was great. Jumped around willingly albeit maybe a little short on pace. Saturday though? So many opinions. ALL THE OPINIONS. And she was not at all interested in moving up to the jumps. At one point, I asked her to lengthen to get to a nice forward spot at a little vertical. She made faces and sucked back until we were about a stride and a half away. And you know what she did then?? She let out a HUGE buck. Which there wasn't space for. Next thing I know, we're about one inch away from the fence and I'm thinking... Huh. Wonder what's going to happen now... I was hoping she'd stop. But Shiny doesn't stop. Shiny is the most honest animal on the planet (unless the fence has square rails, she hates those). So she pings herself right over. I was just up there like a rag doll with sticky legs. Fortunately, no one died, and we came back and tried again without the acrobatics. We compromised the rest of the lesson, I picked the slow distances and she agreed not to try and kill us. 

Sunday Funday she was fine for but we barely did anything... I rode Al early that day, then went to brunch and came back for Shiny. So I was suffering a food and mimosa coma and let Shiny have an extra easy ride. We both enjoyed it. But then Tuesday? She was SPOOKY. Shiny! She only spooks maybe twice a year. I wasn't thinking she could possibly be wild already. She just free lunged the week before last. Those normally take for at least a month with Shiny. But then I got on her today and when we were done with the warm up shuffle, I asked for canter and she just wanted to kick out and bounce up and down. At first I worried that she was hurting, but then I decided you know what? I think she's wild. So I hopped off, tied up the reins and stirrups and let her have herself a free lunge. She was nuts. Galloped around, threw some bucks, had a grand old time. When I got back on she was much happier, and moving forward nicely. I frequently forget that when Shiny gets especially backwards, it means she's wild. It's counterintuitive, but that's a pony mare for you. 

I had actually hoped to ride her outside during the nice days last week, but our lessons didn't give us the opportunity. I did take walk her out outside on Friday though, and it was lovely. She was definitely happy to get out of the indoor. 

That's about it from here this week. Hope you all had a good one! Is the weather all sorts of up and down where you are too?


  1. Glad the ponies are doing well, even if it feels a little up and down still with Al!

    1. Thanks! Me too! I think that's just the kind of guy Al is. So you take the good when you can get it.