Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Truthful Tuesday


You guys. My FEELS! They were doing all the feelings. Look what Shiny's summer kid posted on Tik Tok about her:

I mean... okay yeah the last part... Lol! But this kid has her own pony now and is showing at WEF and doing all the things, all because of lil' Shiny. 

I've had lovely horses, and I've been fortunate to ride other people's very expensive mounts. But I will forever and always prefer the Shiny's. The ones that are actually affordable. The ones that show up every day the same horse. She might not have a lead change. She might not have an athletic physique. But this pony is reliable. She's solid. She's SAFE. And she's tries her heart out (once she's warmed up of course...) every single day. And she helped a kiddo find her passion.

The best horses aren't the ones out there winning at WEF. The best ones are in our backyards making little girls fall in love with horses.