Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Truthful Tuesday


I swear, it's a miracle I successfully get anything done ever... Last week both my pups had vet appointments, a day apart. Sometime after I had made the appointments I got a reminder notice that P is due for some shots. Rita's appointment was the first one, so while I was there I asked if P could get get her shots during her recheck appointment the next day. They said as long as everything was looking good in her ear, that shouldn't be a problem. Always nice to get two things accomplished in one visit ya know? 

So P's appointment was bright and early Thursday morning. There was a bit of a commotion with another dog who was VERY EXCITED to be at the vet, so they ushered that one into a room right away. My vet apologized (unnecessary, clearly, P was perfectly under control in the waiting room unlike the other larger dog!) and asked if it was okay if they just brought P back to check her ears. I said sure, not a problem. You know what I didn't say? I didn't remember to ask about the shots! Can you believe it? Doc didn't remember either. I didn't realize it until the weekend when I was cleaning up my email inbox. So I had to call for another appointment. Sheesh. Is this early onset senility? Or was it just that my coffee hadn't kicked in yet? I'm hoping the second one...


  1. ugh that's 100% something i would do. i legit make notes of topics i want to ask the vet about during visits, and STILL manage to forget...

  2. I 100% forgot to ask about getting the puppy spayed while I was at the vet on Monday. And I was fully caffinated ...so maybe I am senile at 42?

    1. I'm also 42. Perhaps that IS the age it starts!

  3. I would have forgotten too! But I'm elderly. :)