Wednesday, June 22, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


It's been a busy week around here again, but not so much horsey busy. Mostly everything else busy. As mentioned yesterday, the pups both had vet appointments last week. All went well for them (other than my forgetting to do everything... lol). But we did one fun horsey thing last week! Al got his glamour shots taken on Friday morning! I cannot wait to get the photos back and share them with you guys. And get Al on my wall! 

We only had one jump school last week due to weather mostly. Eros didn't jump at all since he had his hocks and SI done on Tuesday. But the one jump school Al did have was pretty fun! I'm sticking to 3' jumps alone for now, and they are really easy for him which is such a nice feeling. Especially when I make a mistake!

Why does 3' look so much bigger than I remember it being?

We hopefully are having a lesson tomorrow, weather permitting, so I'm excited/nervous for that! Can't wait for my trainer to meet Al! Hope she loves him as much as I do, though that's probably impossible. 

I called to get an appointment for Shiny's injections on Monday, and was left frustrated once more by my vets office. Unless I want to ship her someplace they don't think he can come out until August. Obviously this isn't going to work anymore. What if one of my horses gets hurt? I'll have to wait 2 months for treatment? Unacceptable. So the hunt is on for a new vet. As much as I don't want that. After 19 years and so many things we've been through, it's tough to move on. But I have to do what's best for my horses not my emotions. Wish me luck finding a good one!

Otherwise, the horses are all doing just fine! Pammon is drug free so I'm hoping to pop him over some raised cavalletti in the next day or two. Very exciting! Shiny too! Due to the insane wind this past weekend, only Shiny got to enjoy Sunday Funday, but everyone enjoyed the good grass after their rides so it wasn't a total buzzkill of a day. 

And they all had pedicures on Monday. So now we're somewhat caught up on vet work, all been body worked, and have attended to feet. We should be good to go for a bit (other than Shiny)! 

Al and Eros are shod, the other two just get trims

In non horse news, my little brother came down from VT to celebrate Father's Day with our dad. It was great to see him! We haven't seen each other since the fall. Normally he comes home for the holidays, but since Dad and stepmom didn't come back from FL for them this year, little bro didn't come down either. We all enjoyed some delicious chef cooked meals together, and I'm still full from eating too much at Father's Day brunch.

And that brings us up to date! How was your week? Were you in the midst of a heat wave where you are? Or were you getting blown off your horses like I was? Man this weather is crazy all the time!


  1. That's so frustrating about your vet 😬 hopefully you're able to find a good replacement! It has been craaaaazy hot here for like two straight weeks, but the bonus is it makes me less likely to push my ankle too hard 🤣

    1. So frustrating! I got lucky and he had a cancellation so he got here yesterday which was an amazing surprise. So I guess for now I'll play by ear... I dunno.

  2. good luck with finding a new vet... i *hate* making changes to the "team" but, but reliability availability accessibility are literally everything. i'd think you'd be an attractive client for a lot of practices tho esp since you have multiple horses and are proactive with their care...

    anyway good luck with finally getting to do some stuff with Pammon, hopefully it goes well and isn't TOO exciting haha

    1. Agree on all accounts. He actually came yesterday, so I dunno... I guess I'll just play by ear.