Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Late again! Work's been nuts lately. This is going to be pretty short and sweet since the last What's Up Wednesday was on Saturday night...
Sunday I was up fairly early to ride the Unicorn one last time. He was perfect as he's always been. I hope we find another just like him! After unicorn time, it was Eddie time!
The original plan for Sunday was to take Eddie to a horse show. But Eddie's mom and I decided to change that plan when we realized the show we were going to was indoors. We aren't sure if Eddie's every even been in an indoor ring, and didn't think it fair to make him show in one for the possibly first time. Especially because that particular show has a pretty spooky indoor. Instead, we decided to bring him a dressage barn not too far away and ride him in their indoor.
He was extraordinarily unimpressed. Which was great! We let him lunge a little just in case (plus he wasn't ridden Saturday) and then I hopped on and had a great ride. We jumped a little raised cavaletti on the short side a bunch of times, which is super challenging for us. But I think I finally realized what some of my troubles have been with jumping him. When I come out of the turn and see that stay the same and it will be perfect distance, I can't just keep leg to maintain the canter, I have to actually add leg on him to maintain the canter. He's not super motivated, but truthfully, I don't mind the leg ride. I just have to get a little stronger and remember how to use it! I'm really having a lot of fun with him.
I had planned to go grab a lobster roll at the lake after riding, but it was kind of a dreary day and they had closed early. Boo. But I had my horses to walk and groom, so it was probably for the best that I keep moving! It was kind of a long day, but since it was full of horses, I have no complaints!
Monday was a chilly day. Like stupid chilly. You already know. I complained about it yesterday. But the horses got their walks, and Rio got to have some grass. Unfortunately, Tuesday was a complete wash out. It rained steadily all day, but by evening it was like the sky had fallen. I don't have any idea where this storm came from, but it was a doozy! Not really windy or anything like that, but so much rain! My town got over 7 inches in one day. And I had the bright idea to go to grocery store in that! It was a real miracle my car started this morning after some of the standing water I had to drive through. I had a couple of inches of water in the basement and my chimney was leaking too!
You'll have to excuse this creepy basement... That insulation keeps falling down and it regularly floods. 
However, THIS doesn't normally happen!
A few smaller bridges and several roads have completely washed out in my town and neighboring ones. Fortunately, I haven't heard of anyone being injured, so that's good. We were supposed to have some severe weather again tonight, but I think it stayed north of us. So far anyway.
Normally on Wednesdays I ride Eddie after work but I didn't because of the forecast. I am planning to ride him Friday though. I wasn't sure I'd be able to walk the horses tonight after all that rain yesterday, but the ring wasn't too bad. We stayed on the front half and it was actually pretty dry.
And that's it! What's up with you this Wednesday? Get to any shows or lessons this weekend? Tell me all about it in the comments!


  1. Ugh, flooding is no bueno. We're back in our rainy season here in GA and my teensy tiny backyard floods at the drop of the hat, straight into my tiny little screened in porch, basically meaning the cheap carpet we put dog to trap the dog's muddy paws is wet all the time. Which also means every time we go out there to the second fridge, our feet get soaked unless we wear shoes. It's not fun.

    1. Ugh, nothing worse than soggy feet! Most of my flooding is contained to the basement fortunately.

  2. I can't believe your fireplace was leaking. The house I grew up in had a constantly leaking basement. I remember it being a few feet deep at one point. We got the same storm up here and it was a doozy. No house flooding for us though the horses all managed to get soaked despite sheets.

    1. It's from 1759, and the squirrels did a number on that chimney when they were living here. I should probably get it fixed, but it doesn't usually leak like that!
      I'm glad your new place stayed dry! (Even if the horses didn't!)