Friday, June 2, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! Today was a busy day! I took the whole day off to head up to my 15th reunion at Skidmore, but really I wasn't in a hurry to get there since not much was going on today. So instead of rushing out the door, I went to my trainer's to ride Badger and as a bonus I got to ride Cara too! Woohoo! So we'll start today with my riding outfit since that happened first.

It was finally warm enough to ride in something other than a sweatshirt! Woohoo!

Top: US Polo Association
I thought it was safe to wear this light colored top since I'm spoiled and have a groom at Trainer's barn. I thought wrong because when I was helping to bring horses in from the paddocks, Artie wiped his face on me. Bummer.

Belt: unbranded
I found this wide, patent leather belt on ebay awhile back. I love the bit buckle!

Breeches: Ariat
Tack of the Day featured these breeches a few weeks ago at a crazy good price, so I jumped on them asap. I'm glad I did! They're REALLY comfy and I think pretty flattering too. I look much smaller in these than I do in real life!

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
You've seen these before, but purple unicorns are always worthy of a repeat performance. Always.

I rode in my old comfy tuff rider boots and my green Charles Owen helmet today.

After riding, I brought the Pugs to their grandma's house and ran roughly 10,000 errands before getting clean and putting on outfit number 2.

Kind of monochromatic today, huh? I tried this top with blue jeans but wasn't feeling it, so I went with gray. I think a darker gray might be better, but this worked for today.

Top: Thread and Supply
I actually think you've seen this one before, but maybe not? I think it's a hair smaller than I'd like, but I'm pretending it fits great because I really do like the shirt. Hopefully it will fit better soon.

Belt: C4
I got this belt with a black buckle, but decided to use a silver one today to match my shoes. I like the silver on this one!

Jeans: Lucky Brand
I found these on clearance awhile back, and I can't figure out why. They fit amazingly well, are soooo comfy, and the color is pretty unique. Weird. Whatever though, I'm super happy I found them for so cheap!

Shoes: Sperry
Sorry about this awkward photo. Blogger is playing this fun game of not accepting the edited version of photos. And since it's after 1 am, I'm not going all app crazy for find a work around. Sorry guys. I'm a lazy late night blogger! But back to the shoes.... I love all my Sperry's, but lately this silver pair had been getting a ton of wear time.

Arm party... well today is more like an arm small gathering than a full fledged party...
Left is looking super odd in this non cropped version of this photo. Lefty kept it simple with just the trusty apple watch. Also  featured here is my dresser drawer that doesn't seem to close all the way.


Righty is donning a bracelet I made for reunion! Skidmore's colors are green, gold and white. This fun bracelet says Skidmore 02 which is my graduation year. (I know! I'm old!) Here it is not on a wrist:
And that's what I wore today! What about you? Is it still cold where you live? Or blistering hot? Any favorites from today?


  1. It's grossly hot here. I'm sick of it already. I always enjoy your posts since I basically never dress up, it's nice to see others do so.

    1. 40 here today... FORTY! It's JUNE! Ugh.
      Thank you! I wish I made more effort on a regular basis to dress nicely. But sometimes it seems like a lot of work.

  2. We're getting back into nasty hot status, so being cute is way too exhausting 😂 I love those breeches though!

    1. Summer clothes are kind of cute all on their own though. Hopefully some day it will warm up here so I can wear them!