Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Good news friends! I didn't die of moldy grape poisoning. Phew. Close call. This past week was kind of a whirlwind filled with a whole lot of nothing ALL that exciting. Not much is new with the equine. We're plugging away trying to find functional brains and a little fitness. So far, not surprisingly, Rio is leading the pack in both departments.

My hat is straight, yes?

Rio thinks the cheering at the local triathlon is for him
I've been trying to add more canter into Romey's life when I'm feeling brave enough. His canter seriously is the best, it's just hard to get into and sometimes hard to maintain. (And occasionally I can't stop it...) Naughty boy knows his leads though, so I'm grateful for that!
This hat is stupid and my ears are not that big.

small horse, great big canter!
Jampy was being kind of difficult last week. He was rideable, and more or less did what I asked, but he was really spooky, constantly scooting and occasionally spinning at whatever imaginary things were scaring him.
He's sees dead horses.
 I decided finally that maybe he just really needed to lunge. He gets turned out everyday, but he pretty much just stands in one spot the whole time. So he never gets his bucks out. The only place to do that for him is on the lunge line. I don't get it, but hey, at least I know there's an outlet somewhere! So finally on Sunday, I threw him on a line before riding. He was much better after that and has been every ride since. Last night I even got to jump around with no drama at all. Kind of nice!
This hat should be Romey's. My ears don't fit!

Just gonna hide here behind the vertical... maybe mom won't notice

I think he's remembering how to jump!

So straight... yet so grumpy

Before anyone asks if his ears are back because he's hurting, no that's not why. His ears are always facing the scary end of the arena. So if/when I jump away from the barn, he'll wear them. But aiming at the barn, they're turned back. I mostly jump toward the barn because he's less likely to spin on landing (though more likely to run away, such options I have to work with) thus his ears are back in most of the pics at home.
I didn't get any media last night when he was actually good, but I'm going to jump him some more tomorrow, so I'll try and get some then. And maybe we'll finally put some jumps up a little too!
All the ponies had Friday and Saturday off because I went up to the Skidmore show in Saratoga for a day.
It was rough getting out the door though. My car went in for an engine light on Monday, which I think I mentioned last week. I got it back Thursday after work, only to find it had this other emergency light on:
That's probably not good... Of course when I got home from work and discovered this, the service department was closed. UGH! So first thing Friday morning I called. They agreed to come get it while I took my truck to work. Fortunately, it seemed that the computer update they did just messed up the counters for things like the brake pads, and it was an easy fix (at no charge)! I had Betty back by 3. I had planned to work until 12:45, get the ponies situated and the dogs dropped off, and then leave. So I was only a couple hours later than I had hoped. Of course I somehow managed to slice my thumb open and explode a soda all over the car before actually getting on the road. But hey, I got going eventually! By the time I arrived, it was pretty late, so we had dinner and turned in.

Saturday was a little drizzly in the morning, but it turned into a beautiful day. The show was sold out, which is awesome for them, but was a bummer for me. The Alumni division was supposed to go last in either hunter ring (whichever finished first). Unfortunately, neither ring would finish before 6. The trainer who was going to lend me a horse was completely done showing for the day, so I couldn't ask them to stay late for that. Especially when they were loaning the horse for free. So I didn't get to ride. But actually the class wasn't going to fill otherwise, so we did a q&a with the judges instead. And they gave us wine. So it was a win all around really. I hung out and watched the first round of the grand prix before heading home.

The trip home was uneventful. I got back early enough to pick the dogs up too! I didn't stay Saturday night so I could be home early Sunday to ride Badger. He ripped his shoe and most of his foot off when he was at Hits last week (and thus didn't show) so it was a shortish ride. Fortunately, he's sound on his stubby, fake foot, but I can tell he finds it annoying. It was nice to get on him though, it's been awhile! I get to ride him again this weekend before they leave for VT next week.
I also made time for a lobster roll. This crow, Sam, really wanted it though. He was making me uncomfortable:

Nothing too exciting has gone on this week. Just work and trying to get organized at home. All these weekend trips have done a number on the neatness of my home.

Hopefully this weekend I can take the short kids out for an adventure too. They haven't had a good walk in awhile.

Clearly, they're very depressed and full of pent up energy.
And that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Do any showing? Have any coming up? Anything else fun and exciting going on for you? Let's chat in the comments!


  1. Yay for cantering the Romey! And I love that Rio is the soundest and sanest of the bunch- Oh, Rio!

    Glad the lunge line is working and Jampy is in denial about his age like the rest of us!

    --Katie Wanders