Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursdays Threads!

Happy Outfit Day everyone! It's another awesome summer day here in New England, and nothing screams New England Summer like Flamingos! Oh wait... no. No, we don't have Flamingos here in New England. Whatever. I'm wearing them today anyway.
I'm making casual Thursday a thing. Also, please take notice of the puggie in the window. Alright, let's look closer!

Top: Kate Spade
If you aren't on Kate Spade's email list, you should get on there asap. They have incredible sales every so often and you can find their ridiculously expensive items for actual reasonable prices. This t-shirt is a prime example. I love that it says Strut Your Stuff down there by the flamingo's long legs. So cute!

Pants: Celebrity Pink
These pants WOULD NOT photograph their actual color. It's definitely closer to what you see above in the full length picture. Anyway, these pants have become a favorite. They are SO SOFT and SO STRETCHY! Like wearing classy jammies. I found these on the Facebook trading page for Moxie.Style. They were too short for the lady who bought them, but they are perfect on me!

Shoes: BucketFeet
So you don't know this because I'm ridiculously late every morning and don't have time to change my purse. BUT I have a Kate Spade tote and wallet that match these shoes almost exactly. I had hoped to bust them out today, but it didn't happen. The shoes are still super cute with the t-shirt though.

Arm Party!!
 Lefty is wearing the exact same thing as last week... Geeze Lefty, change your clothes! The two cuff bracelets are from Swanky Saddle and the watch I'm sure you recognize by now.

I have zero idea the brands on any of these bracelets. So my apologies for not helping you google search them on your own. But everything except the flamingo came in a stack from Zulily. The Flamingo I bought from an indy store that has since gone out of business. I love the colors on all of these and they go perfectly with today's casual outfit!

Riding outfit, lazy edition...
I wore this outfit last weekend at the horse show. I felt a little awkward taking outfit photos in public, so I tried not to let anyone see... the result? Lazy photos. And a finger over the top of the lens. Blogger photo fail! Whatever, the outfit is still cute.

Top: US Polo Association
This is one of the tops I found when US Polo Assn was on Zulily about a month ago. The tops run a little small in the shoulders which is a bummer, but I love the colors!

Breeches: SmartPak
I really like these denim breeches. If comparing to actual denim, I'd say they're like jegging material. Nice and stretchy, but thick enough to not feel like pull on breeches. (They are not pull ons!) I like the light colored stitching on them too. Makes them a little extra cute.

Belt: Mane Jane
Well if that's not an awkward photo, I don't know what it is.... My apologies for the crotch shot. Perhaps I should have edited this one. Angles aside, how awesome does the Mane Jane navy, patent croc belt look with this outfit?! Perfect.

Boots: Parlanti
I wore my Parlanti's at the show. I brought them in case by some miracle I actually got to compete, and decided to wear them anyway to make sure they still fit. They do! I'm starting to love these boots.

That's it for Thursday's Threads today! What are you wearing? Have a favorite piece from above? Let's talk clothes in the comments!


  1. I feel like I need you to come shop for me. Love your style although I'm probably not brave enough for some of those bright choices.

    1. I really should be a personal shopper in my next life...
      I was born in 1980, so bright colors have been with me since birth ;)

  2. I love all the brights!! I'm wearing some SmartPak breeches today- navy and hot pink, with a hot pink top from Dappled Bay (that says "All In Stride"). I have to go ride a sale horse for someone after work, so I figured I ought to look at least a little put together, haha!

    1. Oh I like hot pink! Good choice! I'm so jealous that you can wear breeches to work. I should start doing that, see if anyone says anything...

  3. Amazing post! Have a great weekend. :)


  4. Ahhhh I love flamingos so much! They are my spirit animal!!

    1. Ah! That is a good spirit animal! Mine is Doug the Pug...

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