Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Truthful Tuesday


Okay... Well. It seems... that maybe someone who lives in my house and rides my horses has a wee something embarrassing to show you guys. (It's me, I'm the one who lives here and rides my horses.) 

Top to bottom: Romfh in Maple, TS in Saddle, TS in Canyon, Dover Wellesley in Sepia

I like nearly all variations of tan breeches (not you though Rust). So much so that I have this many pairs! My favorite is the second from the bottom though, the TS Canyon. So yeah. If anyone sees or hears me say anything about buying tan breeches that are not show pants, please stop me. Also, I don't need show tan either. Honestly, I don't need any breeches. DON'T LET ME BUY ANY BREECHES! 


  1. I realized this weekend that I have three pairs of very similar blue breeches, so I feel your pain