Thursday, April 11, 2024

Thursday's Threads: Vacation Edition


Thanks to Starlink, I have internet down here in the Exumas. Woohoo! But also, since I'm down here living the island life for a few days, I don't have a horsey outfit to share. Instead, I have a super comfy vacation outfit. And we don't wear shoes on the boat, so it's a very short edition of Thursday's Threads. Just three items! Let's go!

Here's what I wore before and after we did things that required swimwear. (And there's pretty much a zero percent chance I'll be sharing photos of me wearing a swimsuit. No one wants to see that. Trust me. Anyway, here's what I had on for much of the day:

I did a little mini wardrobe refresh before my trip at TJ Maxx and Marshalls because I really didn't have any summer type clothing that wasn't either at least six years old or riding clothes. This outfit is mostly new, and it felt very refreshing to put on something new today.

Shirt: Cable & Gauge
I am very excited to see this dusty pink color is still popular. This top is flowy and soft and SO comfy!

Belt: EqueTech
I got this in a subscription box awhile back. It's nearly the same dusty pink shade as the top, just ever so slightly lighter. But close enough!

Jeans: Kenzie
I am a big fan of Kenzie jeans. They just fit really well, and are generally soft and comfy. They also aren't insanely expensive, especially if you find them at TJ's or Marshalls where I think I paid 16.99 for them. 

And that's it. Short and sweet today. We'll be back to our regular schedule next week though, fear not!


  1. What a perfect outfit ! It works for walking around, dinner or just hanging out.

    1. Thanks! It really does. It's cute enough for whatever, but feels like jammies.