Wednesday, January 12, 2022

What's up Wednesday


What a week it was over here! Not much went to plan honestly, but that's just how things go sometimes. Neither Eros nor Shiny are jumping currently, so I didn't have my early lesson on Thursday. Instead, I flatted both of them and walked Pammon before my afternoon lesson with Al. Guys. Al was LIT by the time I got on. I felt like if I put my leg on I was going to be engaging the rapid eject button... We survived the flat portion of the lesson, but I opted out of jumping. Sometimes you just have to call it a day, ya know? 

I let him have a training ride on Friday. When the horses are home with me, I have to work through everything on my own. But when they're boarded? It's nice to occasionally let someone else deal with the tough rides. I arrived after he'd been ridden, but got a good report. He was still pretty fresh, but went to work with minimal funny business. Nice to know he'll work through his feelings! 

We had a snow storm Friday too. All the weathermen under predicted the totals. Forecast called for 3-5 inches but we got something like 7 or 8. Gross.

midpoint of the storm

Fortunately, it stayed cold enough through Saturday that we didn't have any snow crashing off the roof of the indoor. While Sunday was warmer, it also rained, so the snow melted off rather than sliding off. No amateurs nor children were harmed in the aftermath of this snowstorm!

Saturday was one of the first actually cold riding days. It was above 20, so I worked all of them, but my hands went numb on every ride despite wearing winter lined gloves. (My feet stayed toasty warm in my fuzzy boots though!) I definitely whined my way through the day. But the horses were all pretty good, so that was nice at least. Sunday was more of the same, but it was thankfully warmer. Mid 30's, which is warm enough to not want to cry the whole ride. 

Barn is closed Mondays, and with a cold snap, I pretty much hibernated in my house all day playing with Rita and Pia. Rita is settling in fairly well, but she's not very house trained which is a little frustrating. Each time I think we're having a breakthrough, I find another accident. But these things take time, and hopefully we will get it worked out. In the meantime, she's wearing diapers in the house.

She and P aren't really best friends yet... Rita really wants P to play with her and when that doesn't happen, Rita likes to start humping Pia instead. Poor P has a pretty weak hind end and is not terribly successful at fighting her off. Hopefully they'll work through this soon too. Always an adjustment when you add a new pup to the mix! 

It's not all tough stuff with Rita though. She's very sweet with me, and she LOVES all the toys we have here in the house. 

I already mentioned that Tuesday was stupid cold, so the horses had an extra day off. I thought I fixed their manes that day, but upon reviewing the photos, it appears I still have some work to do... Boy, they must have been feral looking before! Al isn't pictured. Since he's on full care board, the barn staff did his mane awhile ago.

Poor Al got body clipped Tuesday. I was hoping they would wait until it warmed back up, but alas. The barn wasn't too cold though, so he survived just fine. I was a lil worried the horses would all be cuckoo crazy after the cold snap and two days off in a row, but today they were all actually really good. Relaxed, listening, calm... Weird. Hope they stay that way!

That's about it from here. Nothing terribly exciting to report, just slogging through winter. How are things with all of you? 


  1. Man I feel you on the new pup introductions (annnnnnd also the not being reliably potty trained 🥴). I'm glad you're getting plenty of riding in despite the cold! We finally got a warm up so I've actually been riding this week, yay! Last week was too cold and gross and my outdoor was a skating rink 😂

    1. It's usually an adventure with a new pup. I didn't realize how lucky I was with Artie when he just kind of acclimated right into the routine here. Rita's a bit more of a challenge... But she's so cute and sweet (to humans anyway)!
      I'm glad you've been able to ride a fair amount! Winter is the worst, but hopefully it will be kind to you guys.