Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! It's another gorgeous day up here in CT. I could really get used to this! Of course rain for the weekend. Boo. But no sense dwelling on future weather. Let's see what I'm wearing today!

I actually changed my shoes before I left, realizing that I shouldn't wear sandals while I'm still icing Jamp's legs throughout the day.

Top: Cabi
These elephants are so cute! This top is really fun. It has a thick elastic type band around the bottom, that holds itself in place, and is pretty fitted. Then the top part is more flowy. It has a tank type lining inside, and then the elephant fabric is a bit sheer. I think I actually have this same shirt in solid black, and I should definitely make an effort to wear it more.

Belt: C. Wonder
Buckle: India Hicks
I've had this belt strap for awhile, and as it turns out, it's the only one I have that fits this buckle! A friend of mine who tragically lost her sister to cancer does a fund raiser each year through India Hicks for cancer research. Last time she hosted this, I picked up this cute initial buckle. Though when your initial is an S it kind of just looks like snakes.

Jeans: Mavi
Just a plain pair of dark blue jeans this week. These are super soft and stretchy. Definitely a regular in the rotation.

Shoes: Sperry
These are what I switched to instead of the flip flops. Probably more work appropriate too. Plus I really need a pedicure. Boat shoes are always the right answer to such problems!

Arm Party!
Lefty kept it super plain today and just wore my apple watch.

Righty is wearing a dainty little shell bracelet, along with the cutest elephant link chain from Fornash.

And that's it for today! Maybe this weekend when I get to ride again I'll remember to get outfit photos. What do you have on? How's the weather by you?


  1. Today is actually a nice break from our heat wave, we're getting some storms (yay rain!) and a high of only 80. Tomorrow is back to the oven though, almost 100 again 🙈

    I really love the style of that top! I'm a little shocked you're not fully decked out in elephants though 😉

    1. Phew, that IS hot! It's cooling off here for a bit. I think a day or two near 80, but mostly rain and 50's-60's for next week. Yuck.
      Lol! I don't have a ton of elephant stuff. I do have some other jewelry, but they didn't really go with the top. Also I was a little #lazy this morning...

    2. sorry, I'm fighting with blogger here... just a test comment...

  2. OMG those Sperrys!!! So much love! Umm I'm wearing the same thing I wear every day to work- navy scrubs, LOL!

    <3 Kelly @ HunkyHano

    1. That sure saves time in the morning! I've started shopping for Sperry's on ebay. You can find them new in box for a fraction of retail. Usually discontinued colors.

  3. I love that elephant print blouse - it looks fabulous with the black skinny jeans in the top two photos. The dark blue denim jeans also look great, as does the elephant link chain.
    The weather where I am has been great on average. Sometimes it's sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes pouring rain, sometimes foggy, and fluctuating temperatures. I love spring and will try to enjoy these last 18 or 19 days of it. It will be hot soon enough.