Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! Summer is here! We skipped spring here in New England and went right from a high of 49 on Monday to highs approaching 90 yesterday and today. Lots of people are kvetching about the heat, but not me! THIS is my weather! Finally! Unfortunately, I have not yet switched my clothes over, so I'm not all that prepared. Hence my outfit today looks more appropriate for September, but whatever.
Fall colors... oh well! At least the sleeves are short!

Top: Apt 9
I stumbled across the sweater at Kohl's on the sale rack. I love that it has metallic gold stitching! And those sleeves are fun too.

Belt: Tory Burch
 I had wanted this belt for awhile (I was on the hunt awhile back for a classy gold belt) but it was silly expensive so I never got it. Then last year I found it at the TB outlet in Florida for like 80% off. Patience is a virtue my friends!

Jeans: Mavi
You've seen these plenty. They're nice and light weight, plus super stretchy. Very comfy!

Shoes: Sperry
Yeah, sorry for wearing these again so soon. You're not crazy, I did wear them last week! One of my favorite pairs of Sperry's that I have!

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing this funny little pug bracelet that I put together. I had gotten the Pug beads awhile ago but hadn't ever known what to do with them. Until I found this cute bracelet tutorial (shown using palm tree beads) and I thought they would be perfect. Completely silly, but also completely adorable.

Righty kept it relatively simple today. First is a vintage Gucci bracelet I found on Ebay a few years back. The second is from Juicy Couture. I love their crown logo, so cute!

Jampy doesn't have an outfit to share (he's still wearing the same thing as last week), but I do have half an outfit for you! (I forgot to bring a matching helmet out to ride that day, so I didn't snap a helmet pic.)
If I look cold, it's because I was! 45 degrees. In May. Sheesh. Clearly, this photo was from Monday! I haven't ridden since because Jampy got his hocks done. Back to work tonight though!

Jacket: CB
This is one of my favorite jackets. It's knit, but stuff doesn't stick to it which is some kind of miracle. Mint is one of my favorite colors too!

Belt: Mane Jane
Of COURSE I have a Mane Jane belt strap to match! This is the reverse side to the navy croc one that you've seen many times.

Breeches: Harry's Horse
Do any of you subscribe to the Tack Dealz emails? It's a Canadian company that's basically the same as Tack of the Day here in the states. They offer steep discounts on items for one day only. I saw these breeches on there for $45 and jumped on them. I have another pair from this brand, and really like them, so figured I would like these too. I got them in this navy and also in black. And I LOVE them! The silicone patches put the FUN in functional! Ha. Sorry, had to. Anyway, the breeches fit great, none of that saggy crotch nonsense. The knee patches are pretty grippy so if you don't like that, these aren't for you. But since I ride a whirling dervish I much appreciate them. I like the little bit of color up by the hip there too. Very cute!

Boots: Regals
I should probably clean these once in awhile. Poor neglected, abused Regal boots. I still love them though! They seriously are so comfy.

And that's it for today! Any favorites? What are you wearing today? Thoughts on Harry's Horse breeches?


  1. Those are cute breeches!! I subscribe to the emails just haven't pulled the trigger on anything. Although all the tooled colored western tack today is fun! 😎

    1. Those are so cute! I've almost bought the matching tendon boots for turnout about a million times.
      I bet you could hang your hackamore on there...

    2. I've almost bought the bell boots several times lol. I just wish they were dark oil to match my western saddle!

    3. You could probably darken them...

  2. The pug bracelets are adorable!