Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Not a whole lot going on here this week really. But to balance out yesterday's Negative Nancy post, I thought maybe I'd talk about some things that have been really positive during Jampy's bout with laminitis.
 First, I'm super grateful that he wears clothes without issue. He has been wearing ice boots 24/7 since this all started, and that is made a lot easier by him being willing to leave them on. My junior hunter used to tear apart every piece of clothing you put on him. He was a total houdini at getting out of blankets and wraps.
I also want to acknowledge what a good patient he's been. He's been stuck in a stall with no turnout and only 2-3 minutes of hand walking per day. He can eat nothing but soaked hay and his salt block. (He's also allowed to eat peanuts, but he's decided they are gross.) And while he's sometimes a bit sassy or a little rude, he's really behaving well. I can put him on the crossties to groom, and he just stands there like a good boy. Some days our three minute walk is cut short by antics, but most days he keeps it together. He seems to even know that he can't drag me to the grass, because he's hardly even tried.

I have the less local vet scheduled for Tuesday to take x-rays. I'm crossing all the crossables that everything has stayed put and hopefully we can start making a plan to move toward normal life for him. I'm hoping he'll be allowed to at least go out in the tiny walkout on Rio's side of the barn soon. When I was building the barn, I wanted to have run outs for the horses. Unfortunately, due to the layout of my property and zoning regulations, I had to make them really small. The side Rio lives on has the smaller sized walkouts, but in trade, they are also covered. They're about 12x20 in size. The one on Jamp's side of the barn is larger at around 20x50. Rio is currently using the larger one for his turnouts while he rehabs that bowed tendon. But hopefully soon Jampy can hang out in the smaller one for at least a few hours a day.

Another bonus that I've never considered a bonus, is that my horses turnout in the ring since they both hate the back paddock. Jampy won't be able to have grass anymore, so fortunately, once he's cleared for exercise, he can go back to his normal turnout routine in my sand ring.

So this past week and weekend has been spent grooming the boys and trying to hand walk them between rain storms. Rio's gotten to graze a bunch too. He's like snow white out there, all the animals want to graze with him!
I decided Saturday that I needed to reintroduce exercise into my own life now that I'm not riding. But since it was pouring and my asthma has been terrible, I opted for a treadmill walk. I felt so much better afterwards! I need to make a real effort to take care of the old body. Easy to forget or just not want to when life's busy taking care of the ponies. The pugs joined me on my walk, but they were way lazier about it.
Sunday was supposed to be another nasty day, but we actually got to see the sun for about a half hour around 3PM. So I quickly grabbed the pups for a walk.
We wound up getting a little drizzled on, but it was nice to get out for a bit. It was really humid, though not super hot. But I think we're not used to it, and the pups were WIPED OUT after!
That's about all that's up over here this Wednesday! What's up with you? Do anything fun this weekend? Or exciting plans for next?


  1. So glad Jamp is being a superstar about the process. I had to keep a mare on stall rest once who just trashed everything. That was super stressful!

    I'm hoping to get out and about on adventures this 3-day weekend, but that's all pending the weather, which right now is forecasted to be sketchy... Haha.

    1. Rio was always tough to fully stall rest too. He gets REALLY studdy and tries to mount you during hand walks... Super awkward.
      I hope the weather holds out and you can have a fun adventure!

  2. It makes life so much easier when you have a good patient, good boy Jampy <3 I'm trying to get my fitness back too (riding an athletic bouncy horse makes me realize how much of a soft weak marshmallow I am right now hahah). Sending good vibes for your Tuesday appt!

  3. My allergies have been killing me :( stupid flowering plants! I'm glad there are so many positives in Jampy's situation, my first horse Carlos also was terrible at wearing clothes >:[

    1. Tis the season... for sneezing!
      Some of them are just nudists I guess?