Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

Um... can I confess that I thought it was Monday and nearly forgot all about Truthful Tuesday? I'm all confused this week! Monday was Christmas, but it felt like a Sunday. Most years, since I was a little kid, I fly down to Florida on December 26th. But this year, the plane tickets were ridiculous, so I'm not leaving until tomorrow. I had already put in for a vacation day today, and since if I don't use them I lose them, I figured I'd take the day. So it feels like a third Sunday. You can see where I'm so confused! My barn helper had Monday and Tuesday off, which only adds to the confusion.
It's been a really busy week between trying to get my act together to leave town and all the holidays. I am dropping the short kids off early at their Grandma's and then finishing up a few things at the house before heading to the airport. What's up Wednesday might be a little late (shocking, I know) but I should have some cute photos to share. Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend!

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