Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My latest Lbb delivery...

Yeah yeah I know... I don't need more stuff. But I know you all LOVE seeing my fun presents from Little Black Bag so sit back and get comfy! I'll show off my new goods!
This wasn't a huge delivery this time, just four items. I opened with this Deux Lux Luna Messenger to match my giant purple tote.

It's SO SO CUTE! I mean, clearly I'm biased since I love Luna so much as it is. But honestly it's a great bag. Plenty of room inside. The strap is adjustable too. I have it above on the shortest hole. Also, it is both drawstring and has a magnetic snap so you can be sure it closes securely. Good features! (How cute is my zebra sweater?!)
I was pretty focused this time on increasing the value of my bag, and wound up trading for some less popular but rather pricey items. Sometimes it pays to have weird taste! First is this lip bracelet from Jules Smith:

I think it's adorable. It retailed for something like $40.00 which I really don't think it's worth. The charm is cute and very detailed, but it's not actually silver I don't think. Seems to maybe be pewter? And the cord is a waxed cotton in  periwinkle color. As I said, very cute, but I'm glad I could trade for it.
Next up is a necklace that a lot of the other ladies thought was hideous. And admittedly, it may be a little. But I LOVE IT! It's big and chunky and NEON! I love neon so much. It's not my fault, I was born in 1980. Anyway, this is from BCBG and retailed for $35.00:

 I thought about trying it as a wrap bracelet, but it's a little too big. I like the look, but I think it would slide over my hand.

I saved the best for last. I like to hold you readers in suspense! My last item I had to work a little harder to trade for. I've been drooling over it since it was released but it's only ever been available for trading once before. I even had it in my bag at one time, but had gotten an offer I couldn't refuse so traded it. But this time, in the last hour of my trading time, I managed to snag it! So here it is, the SharK big spike bracelet:

Cute right? I love it. And it's little enough for me and my itty bitty wrists. (The only itty bitty part of me at the moment. See my previous post about cupcakes for dinner and you'll understand why...)

So in other fashioney type things, I finally painted my nails this weekend. I haven't done them in forever!

I used a pretty teal color I got at Walgreens in the after Christmas sale bin from a brand called Bellatrix. The glitter coat is an Indy brand called Hit Polish. The color is "Rock Star". Finally for my accent nails I used some nail strips I got awhile back from LBB. The brand is NCLA. Not a great photo, but it's a palm tree/sunset sort of scene. I needed a tropical pick me up since winter is starting to really get to me.

As always, I'd love it if you used my personalized link if you want to try out Little Black Bag. I'll get a free item to trade with and you will get a discount as well! Click here if you'd like to try it out!

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