Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I ran with friends today!

And it was glorious! Well ok, maybe not GLORIOUS. I mean how glorious is a 7 am foggy and somewhat icy run? Not super glorious.

But it was soooo nice to have company. Running on the dreadmill and even outside by myself was getting super lonely.
I'm still working on waking up before 7 as I'm definitely solar powered. My eyeballs don't think they should be open if the sun's not up. Thankfully I got an awesome Nespresso machine for Chanukah from my Dad and Stepmom. Shot of espresso pre-run? Yes please!
I was also really pumped to try out my new LuluLemon running pants. I got them on ebay since they're sold out already. If you have some extra dough, and live in a colder winter climate, get a pair of these! They're called Dogrunners. They are pants with leggings built-in on the inside.

Do to the weather advisory above, despite my comatose state, I was smart enough to use some reflective and light up accessories on my run. I did NOT remember to put on my reflective vest, but thankfully Katie and Vanessa remembered theirs!
These are some fun lights that I got from Stridebox:

I put this one in my hair. It blinks either white or in color and is super fun. You can also wear it as a ring

This is one of my most favorite Stridebox items. It's a slap wrap that's both reflective AND lights up. It can stay on steady light, or blink at two different speeds. Love it!
We had a nice run, it started out a little tough since we're all not used to the early mornings. And we really couldn't get moving too quickly due to the slick roads, but all in all, it felt great to be back with the morning crew. Hopefully Chelsea can join us next time!
Hope you can all get in a nice workout today!

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