Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lazy Saturday/Busy Sunday

You know, some weekends are sooooo busy you actually look forward to going back to work. Others... well, aren't busy at all. My favorite kind of weekend is a little of both. And that's exactly how this past one went for me.
Saturday was uncharacteristically warm for January, 55 degrees! But also poured rain allll day. So what's one to do on a rainy Saturday? NOTHING! Well mostly nothing. The horses got new shoes, so I spent a good hour or so cleaning up after that. Rubber floor + hoof clippings + 100% humidity = one very hard to sweep barn floor. I also shortened their manes as they were starting to look like retirees. New shoes and new hairdos really made my boys look good! COME ON SPRINGTIME!
I've put a bit of a shopping ban on myself, and am also in need of dropping a few LBS, which really limits ones activities on a rainy Saturday. I spent some time contemplating what to do with the rest of the day, and decided to take the advice of my pooches:
They suggested sitting around and doing nothing. I decided they were very wise. I spent two hours watching Storage Wars and another 2 watching Bad Ink. Very entertaining.
I had a great night's sleep Saturday and was ready for a productive Sunday. It was a gorgeous day, though a bit overcast. Temps in the upper 40's. Not bad for January! I got up and went into town for a breakfast sandwich from my favorite small town eatery The Villager. I got my sandwich to go, and went to the town "beach" to enjoy the view and Acoustic Sunday on the radio.
Once fed, I headed back home to ride. Yes RIDE! You read that right. I haven't been on a horse in at least a month, and it's been driving me BANANAS! It wasn't a long ride since both Jamp and I are severely out of shape. But it felt fantastic to be back in the saddle. I even got to use my new half chaps and boots!

Rio gets to enjoy vacation all the way through winter, so he didn't have to work. I decided stopping and starting Ducky wasn't worth it either, so he just observed while I rode Jamp.
After riding I was feeling super motivated to continue enjoying the nice day (the sun was even coming out!) so I went for a run. I haven't run outside at home in awhile which means I haven't run any sort of hill in forever. (FL is very flat, as is the dreadmill.) The first mile felt a little creaky, but by mile 2, I felt great! I even considered tacking on another mile, but decided since my last many runs have felt so tough, I should quit while I felt great. I was really excited when I looked at my watch and saw my time, and even more excited when I downloaded the run, and saw I actually ran negative splits! That never happens to me, I usually start out fast and peter out.

While I realize I've run much faster in the past, I felt really good about my workout. I've been struggling so much between the weather and my added weight that it was really encouraging to feel good and see some decent results. I guess I'm back on the running wagon!
What a great weekend! Plenty of relaxing and plenty of fun, healthy activities too! I hope you all had a great weekend also!

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  1. Great run! and my oh my I love that pictures of the snuggling pugs :)