Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday's Threads

It's been quite awhile since I've done a "what I'm wearing" post. I don't claim to be the trendiest of trend setters. And I don't always dress my age. But I like to see what other people are wearing, so I figure you might like to also! Probably 10 years from now, it'll be fun to go back and laugh at my outfits...
So here's what I've got on:

This is a SUPER INEXPENSIVE outfit. But I think it's pretty cute. (Obviously or I wouldn't have put it on right?) For particularly trendy items (I mean really, a fox sweater will not be in style for long), I tend to spend less on lower quality since I don't need the item to last forever.
The sweater is by Jolt. I bought it at the VS Outlet which has brands like Jolt and Levi's to name a couple. I think it was 19.99, but I honestly can't remember. It's acrylic so I can machine wash AND dry! Win for me! It's held up well so far.
 The pants are from Rue 21. I got them on sale for 9.99. I actually love them. The color is a little tough to see in the photo but is a beige color. They're denim, so a nice heavy fabric and should definitely make it through the season. What I like about them is they work for all seasons. I got the belt on Ebay for $29.99. I suspect it's not really from Hermes given the price tag, but it IS leather. Very cute.

The boots are by Two Lips Too. I got them last year for under 40.00 I think (it was awhile ago and I'm old, so it's hard to remember). Generally speaking I am anti faux leather shoes. They don't breath like leather, and often are stiff and can cause blisters. That said, these are faux leather and I love them! I don't mind wearing them in inclement weather since they won't get ruined. And the denim blue color is perfect with so many outfits. They're also really comfortable. No blisters from these babies!

Above is what's on my arms. The Hermes bracelet was from ebay also. I love how well it matches my watch! On the right arm I'm wearing some bracelets from Lydell and K.Kreative. All costume, but very cute. I love a good armparty!
Most of you know, I live in New England. It's miserably cold here right now. (I know, I know, it's New England and it's winter) But seriously, so cold:
Yeah. So clearly warm outerwear is a must. I found this old suede jacket in my closet. It says it's from Rue 21. I don't even remember buying it, but it's adorable!
The rest of my warm weather outerwear is courtesy of my awesome mom. She is the most amazing knitter. If you ever want to learn, give me a shout. She teaches lessons. (I have not yet learned... maybe next winter!)
My perfect (adjustable!) ear warmer and mittens:
How cute are those? I know, my mom is awesome.
So that's Thursday's Threads! Maybe I'll try and make it a weekly post. Would you like that? Does my fashion (or perhaps lack of fashion) interest you readers?
Let me know in the comments! I love some good feedback and would love to hear more from all of you readers! (I know you're out there, blogger tells me how many views I get a day).


  1. love the sweater! I rarely wear real clothes- like rare- like sweatpants to work every day. sad sad sad