Thursday, December 5, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day! But. Um... well. With the barn being closed Monday AND Tuesday, I kind of didn't remember that last night was Wednesday, and I didn't remember to take pics of my riding outfit. I can show you what I will be wearing tonight... But I'll start with today's work outfit.

Lumber jack chic, yes? I will admit, this week had been weird, and I'm feeling pretty unmotivated in the dressing myself area. It's been jeans and sweatshirts all week. Thankfully, I work in a very casual workplace!

 Peep the boys on my necklace though! <3 This is the coziest, comfiest top in the world. As you can see it attracts dog hair... but whatever. It's warm.

Belt: C4
Probably one of my most worn C4 belts. Love this one!

Jeans: Rue 21
These are pretty old, but they're definitely a favorite. I can't believe I found jeans with horses on the pockets at Rue 21! And the horse shoe is facing the correct direction too!

Boots: Sugar
Lumberjack shoes too. I mean... It's cold out you guys. And my feeties want to be warm and dry!

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning a red and black snakeskin vintage bracelet with a horsey motif on the clasp. It's a horse shoe with a helmet in the middle. I was so excited when I found this on ebay!

Righty has on this buffalo plaid wrap bracelet from Rustic Cuff. Since it's a pretty big statement piece, I just paired it with the black fitbit band.

So tonight, I plan to wear the same sweatshirt and belt that I'm wearing at work. But I'm going to change into these Hadley breeches from Smartpak.
It's true what people have said. The Hadleys fit MUCH better than the Pipers! But they tend to be more expensive. I grabbed these last year on closeout though, so they were pretty cheap.
I'm also wearing these De Niro boots:
And this One K helmet:

And that's it for today! Sorry for the lack of outfit. I really need to get back on my game!
What are you wearing today? Feelings on lumberjack plaid?


  1. That top does look super cozy!

    Totally random, but why the apple watch and the fitbit? Does this mean you could provide pros and cons info between the two? Currently have always had fitbits but apple watch is sometimes tempting...

    1. Ha! Good question! Well, I had to get a fitbit for our company step challenge as it didn't work with the apple watch. And I like that the fit bit tracks my sleep, so I've been using it mainly for that, and the apple watch for other stuff. Interestingly, they are pretty inline with each other. I was wondering about accuracy on these things, and they're mostly spitting out very similar info.

  2. I’m honestly kinda loving all the buffalo plaid !

    1. Me too! I may or may not have plaid outfits in green and blue also...

  3. True story, there were two old horse shoes (clearly lost shoes that someone found in the field) hanging upside down on nails in the feed room. After looking at them for a few days it bothered me so much I had to go find more nails so that I could hang them right side up instead. I can't handle it when they're open side down, all the luck falls out.

    Also I'm extra crazy right now, so there's that.

    1. Oh I would do the same. It's really not ok for them to be draining all the luck out! We need all we can get.

  4. 100% agree on the horseshoes having to be the right way!

    I love buffalo check - I would do my whole house in it if I could. I'm part of a FB group for buffalo check lovers...not even kidding! hahaha I have a blanket for Fred that is buffalo check! lol I'm lacking in the clothes/accessories dept. for it though. Need to remedy that!

    1. wow - that comment has a lot of !!!!! hahaha sorry. I've had a lot of coffee this am. ;-)

    2. Sometimes I too abuse the exclamation point. No shame! Lol! That's so funny, I had no idea there was a group for that!