Monday, December 16, 2019

Blogger Secret Santa!!!

Tracy over at The Printable Pony organizes the Equestrian Blogger Secret Santa every year, and I'm SO GRATEFUL that she does! I love participating, but honestly, I could never be as good at organizing as she is. So HUGE thanks to Tracy for putting this all together again this year!
I JUST sent my package out on Saturday, so hopefully my recipient will have the gift very soon! So sorry for being on the late side, it's been such a crazy month so far! Anyway... let's get to the best part of this post. MY PRESENT!
My secret santa was Amanda over at The 900 Facebook Pony. Amanda totally gets me and all my weirdness. Like fully. And her gift was AMAZING. Completely over the top, but as she stated in the card it couldn't be helped.
The card was adorable.
There was so much stuff in the box I couldn't wait to dig in! Because I'm a child. And surprises are super fun! The first thing I pulled out was this fantastic Pug tee:
I mean, I didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose me. So this is perfect. Duh.

But it was the next thing that made me laugh so hard I almost died.
You guys. It's a Cheese Balls shirt! I mean honestly, if anything screams Stacie, it's DEFINITELY a cheese ball shirt. Hands down, my new favorite thing. Possibly ever.

Next up was this awesome Mind Filly Band from Mare Goods.
 This one says I'm a Badass inside, and that's just perfect. I mean, I'm not always feeling like a badass, but this bracelet will remind me to be one.

Next up was something for Shiny...
How ADORABLE is this bonnet? I love the beads and can't wait to use it! It will definitely look better on her than it did on me.
I suffer from floppy ear syndrome.
Being that I'm now a mare person with Shiny joining the family this year, Amanda next picked the most perfect little pouch for me from Mare Goods.
It has Shiny AND Pammon on it! And a fox and a dog. It's perfect. I've been eyeballing but haven't bought it, so I'm so excited Amanda sent this to me! I use pouches a lot at home for organizing stuff and for travel, so this will get tons of use.

And last, one of my other favorite things in the box:
Amanda recommended this book in a post a little bit ago, and I really wanted to get it. I can't wait to sit down with it! I think it will have some great stories.

Amanda really went above and beyond with this gift, and I absolutely LOVE everything in the box. Thank you so much, Amanda! You're the best!


  1. All of this is perfect! Blogger secret Santa is the best. I got my box today and mine will go out this week. Like I said earlier, I’m not wining at being on time right now 😂

  2. oh how cool! That Pug Life shirt is basically the perfect shirt hahaha

  3. omg that cheese balls tshirt! How perfect!

  4. The cheeseballs shirt was a risk, I wasn't sure if that one would flop or not. But then I also figured if anyone could both get it and pull it off, if would be you. I thought about trying to find a cheeseballs bracelet but ran out of time.

    Also glad you noticed the bag totally has Pammon and Shiny on it, that's why I bought it!

    1. Now I feel I need a cheeseballs bracelet...
      I LOVE that the bag has both my tall kids on it! It's so perfect <3
      Thank you again!

  5. She really does get you! Hahah, those shirts are AMAZING. Can't wait for some Thursday Threads with them!! And of course, thank you so much for participating this year -- happy holidays!!

    1. I KNOW! Why does it have to be winter, I wanna wear the cheese balls!

  6. Those shirts are definitely perfect for you!

  7. oh man, what a haul haha! super cute stuff!!