Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

It's been pretty rainy around here awhile. But we've been able to dodge the raindrops and get our handwalks in. I think the horses are starting to think walks are silly. They both like to stand around and not walk more than they want to actually walk. #lazy.

I got after Jamp a little a few days ago about his refusing to walk, and I guess that's all he needed because he's been much more polite and willing to stroll after that. I guess sometimes you need to tune up your horse for hand walking? Horses are weird.
Jampy wanted to freak me out a little yesterday. He was pretty stocked up behind, but no heat or anything. It went down after walking though, so that was promising. I threw some ice boots on him for a couple hours and then wrapped him overnight. They looked better this morning. I think maybe he has a little bit of scratches? But I don't really see much. There was one tiny little scabby I felt, but that was it. I washed him up and threw some Krudzapper on it, so hopefully he'll be a-ok in a day or two. I touched base with the vet too, just in case it becomes a thing. I don't know what I'd do if he got cellulitis... He can't have dex anymore. Hopefully that's not something I'll have to worry about.
Ice all the legs!
I didn't get to do any riding in the past week (it's been awhile!) but I did get to go to a pool float parade! My friend lives near a big lake, and decided that's what she wanted to do for her birthday. Have a pool float parade! Lol. Who comes up with that?! I had to head over after feeding the horses, so I actually missed out on being in the parade, but I got to see if float by on their way back to shore (and to the party) so that was fun too!

Sunday was supposed to be a washout, but thankfully it was ok for much of the day. Unfortunately, the skies opened up just before the weekly concert was going to start at the lake so it was canceled. I planned ahead though, and got my lobster roll early, JUST IN CASE!
I mean, worst case scenario, I get two in one day right?
In Badger news, he's been WONDERFUL for the trainer he's with up here. He was at her barn last week, and even was tried (already!) on Sunday. He was fantastic for the trainer, but got a little lit up with the kid. (He does that with me too...) They liked him though, and are trying him again this week.
He is up at Hits Saugerties this week, not showing, just doing the warm ups and hopefully getting tried some more. He has two people planning to see him tomorrow, and one more later in the week. So that's all promising! I got a video of him doing the warm up and then Trainer B sent me this photo asking if we can talk about my horse jumping a 10+.
I was like sure... but he jumps even better than that when the jumps are bigger! It's really kind of heart breaking. He's exactly the horse I dreamed of owning for the past many years, but we just aren't suited to each other. These things happen. Hopefully he'll be someone's unicorn though, and I'm sure my own is out there somewhere waiting for me to find him.
That's about all that's up this Wednesday. I don't have any rides scheduled, but I'm hoping to find one soon. Getting antsy on the ground!
What's up with you guys? Do any showing this weekend? Or have something coming up?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I think so too. Imagine the photos we could get?!

  2. Pretty is as pretty does :-) Keeping my crossables crossed that Badger finds his new human soon!!

    1. Fortunately he seems to be just as pretty doing with people that aren't me! So that bodes well for him!

  3. I need to get Dante tuned up at the walk too. He's been such a sluggo. Fingers crossed Badger finds his people!

    1. Neither of mine are all that interested in marching around at a good clip, but I'll take anything over refusing to move!
      Thanks! I'm hoping so!

  4. I had an absolutely gorgeous horse that absolutely HATED me. He was great for trainer. He regularly gave me the middle finger. It's so disappointing. Hope he sells quickly to a great home.

    1. It's a bummer for sure! He's been tried four times now, and he's been perfect for every trainer, but a little picky about the non-pro's. He may need some ammy proofing.