Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday's Threads

It's a beautiful day for outfit day! I think the high is maybe 80, and there's only 50% humidity. Feels like spring! I was hoping to have a fun outfit today, but we have our new boss coming for a visit, so I had to dress somewhat like an adult.
I said somewhat. I didn't say fancy. Nor professional. Ha.

Top: Banana Republic
I picked this tee up years ago when I was in Vermont for the horse show. (That's how I know it was years ago...) It's been much more useful than I ever imagined. Also, it used to be much looser. Still fits though!

Belt: Mane Jane
Gotta be a LITTLE horsey, amiright? Love me some Mane Jane.

Pants: Vineyard Vines
I also got these up in VT awhile back. I like them because they look like work pants, but they're really just fancy jeans.

Shoes: Sperry Topsider
These didn't photograph that well, but they're actually a metallic silver. I'm on the hunt for a pair of white leather Sperry's. I thought I got a pair on ebay, but they were actually canvas and not really white. Bummer.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing this super cute blue and white bracelet from Hamton Ivy. Love the horse!

Righty is wearing a ribbon and gold bead bracelet from Ettika along with a vintage leather and bamboo bracelet from Vita Fede.

And.... I have half a riding outfit to share. I've already talked about riding my neighbor's horse this weekend, and I remembered to get some photos, but not of my helmet or boots. That's ok though because I just wore the black One K snakeskin and my trusty old regal boots. You've seen them many times by now! Here's the rest!

Comfy and casual... Socks are sox trot from KJ's Creations!

Top: Spiced Equestrian
I had to buy this when I saw it. This has been my little "About me" tag line on FB for years now.

Belt: Rebecca Ray
This bad boy was a limited edition back around the holidays a few years ago. I'm a sucker for anything metallic.

Breeches: Romfh
These really didn't want to photograph the right color. The actual color is best represented in the belt photo above. I love the navy stitching for a little contrast. Also, these are stupid comfy. SO MUCH better than Pipers.

So that's it for today! Any favorites? Have you tried Romfh breeches? Thoughts on them? I really like these. I wish I could remember which ones they are. I want to say Sarafina, but I'm not sure that's true.


  1. Stylin' and profilin' as always! I have a pair of romfhs that are literally the most flattering breeches I have ever seen but the fabric has almost no stretch and they fit really small... they are my "goal breeches" atm and are patiently waiting for me to stop eating so many chips. I think they are whatever style existed before the sarafinas.

    1. I feel like chips win the battle over breeches every time. At least in my house.

  2. ugh I have to fly back for work in August and I've been going through my clothes looking for office/adult clothes... :(