Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

This past week was kind of busy around here! Wednesday night I had a braiding job, just for one horse, so that was nice and easy. I got to take care of my boys before I had to leave, so they got their walks in.

I was home at a reasonable hour which was also nice!
Thursday was just a day. Work, ponies, bed. The usual. Friday got a little weird. Originally I was supposed to have two horses to braid: 1 mane, 1 mane and tail. But they asked if I could do the mane and tail horse in the morning instead because he was a terrible rubber. I agreed. So I did just the one horse Friday evening.
How cute is that little nugget? She's a large pony. She was a bit of a moving target to get braided, but hey, it got done. For some reason they look like they're lifting up in this photo, but they weren't. I think they're just throwing little shadows.
I got home around 10:30 and pretty much just went right to bed. I had to be up at 4:00 am to braid the other horse!

He also was a bit of a nudge this time to braid. But he came out just lovely, so that helps. I was all done by 6:15 am, and figured I could get a lot done that morning! Only problem was, not much is open at that hour on a Saturday. So I did what any basic white chick would do...
Went to Starbucks. Ha. I sat down and drank my giant coffee until things started opening up. Of course then I had to pee... So I stopped at McDonalds to use their restroom and bought another beverage. Hydration is important my friends. I then picked up my glasses that were having their lenses replaced, and got my car in for it's oil change. Next I picked up dog food, and then headed back to the farm. It was only 11 am, so i still had some time before I was scheduled to go ride my neighbor's horse. Enough to change, hang with the pooches for a bit, and feed the big kids their lunch.
I had SO MUCH FUN riding my neighbor's new horse! He's an adorable chestnut, about 16.2, I think he's 7 or 8. And I forget what kind of warmblood he is. (I'm so good at details...) He did dressage for a long while and now he's learning how to be a hunter horse. He's SUPER laid back (ok, maybe a bit lazy) and a lot of fun to ride. Not much seems to faze him. Neighbor had me do some work trotting a cross rail with takeoff and landing rails. A couple of times he got confused and pretty much demolished that X... but he never got flustered by it. He was like oops... let's try again! And he'd come back and be fantastic. No overjumping, or being nervous. Nothing like that. I wish I could have done more with him, but my asthma was really acting up and I had to keep taking walk breaks. Hopefully next time I'll be more useful!
I went back home after my ride, and got the boys out for groomies and their walks. Pretty uneventful.
For the evening, I met up with my mom and we went to the carnival in her town.
 It's a pretty small one, but we had fun playing games and eating fair type good. (Loaded baked potatoes for dinner and fried dough for dessert!) I won a pug!
I think it cost me $40. Whatever, look how cute! Plus proceeds benefit the fire department. The same FD that put out the fire at my barn back when I was a teen. So I don't mind throwing my money away for them! (And you know... for the stuffy.)
Sunday I was pretty lazy. I got up late (much needed) and then headed to the farmer's market. Followed that up with a little straightening in the house. Of course, then the clouds started rolling in, so I very quickly pulled the boys out for their walks. Jamp was so weird though, maybe some of you have some ideas about this... When I first took him out it was cloudy and I was rushing, so I just grabbed the lead on his door (no chain) and didn't bother stuffing his ears. He's been so lazy on our walks, I wasn't worried about any of that. (I haven't had to give him any ace for several weeks.) Well. Bad plan. He was a nut job! I reeled in my Jamp kite and brought him inside to calm down. Brushed him off until he was more relaxed, then stuffed his ears and got the chain lead. When we got back outside the sun was back out, and he could barely keep his eyes open.
I'm wondering if the sunlight is bothering his eyes or something? It just was so odd that he could go from a nutjob to a leadline pony in about 5 minutes flat. I'll discuss with the vet when I see him next, just in case it's something brewing.
He's also dropped some more weight, so doc and I have him building up his diet some. We've increased the amount of chopped hay he gets (that's for his meal, in place of grain) and have also added alfalfa.  He LOVES that alfalfa!
Rio of course was a gentleman and enjoyed his walks and grazing.
Photo actually from another day, hence the blue skies
I got them back inside just in time for the skies to open up. I hung out until it was time to feed, and then meandered my way over to the lake. It had stopped raining by then, but there was a threat of some thunder and lightning so the band was canceled. I got my lobster roll anyway. Don't need music to eat a good meal!
I took the pugs out to play in the yard for a bit since it was finally cooler out. They had a good time!
And the next thing I knew it was Monday. Monday I had a client lunch, so I took a half day. We went to a vineyard for lunch which is actually right by my house. I figured I wouldn't want to go back to work after. I figured right. I had some time to take care of the ponies, and then we had our book club meeting in the evening.
Last night we had a TON of much needed the rain, so the boys stayed in and just had some nice groomies. They seemed happy with that.
I don't have any rides on the schedule for this weekend yet, but I'm hoping someone will offer one up! I may go visit Badger too. We'll see.
How was your week and weekend? Do anything fun? Get much riding in or any horse shows?