Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday's Threads: Dinosaur edition

Happy Outfit day everyone! Well, despite our best attempts to avoid it here in New England, it's feeling more like fall out there today. I actually wore socks today. Bummer. But with cooler temps come cute sweaters, so there is a bright side! Here's what I wore today:

Why yes, that IS a stegosaurus on my sweater! Thanks for noticing! I forgot to switch to my triceratops purse today so that's kind of a bummer. But fear not, I have plenty more dinos to share anyway.

Sweater: ModCloth
I'm not really sure where my current love for dinosaurs came from. It might have been the super cute Kate Spade triceratops and t-rex purses that have been floating around Ebay (no I didn't get one, they're like $500). But wherever it came from, I'm pretty excited to own this sweater. It's really light weight, so perfect for this weather.

Belt: Buckle Down
I love a good seat belt for a belt, and this one especially since it's covered in dinosaurs. It's not quite as amazing as the beer cap one I have from high school (yeah, I thought it was cool then too...) but it's a close second.

Jeans: Vigoss Jeans
These are about as plain as they come. But I really like this brand. They make jeans for women with curves and the length is almost always perfect for me.

Sneakers: Vans
Yep. Those are dinosaurs hanging at the beach. Sunnies, palm trees, board shorts... the whole thing! Hilarious.

Arm Party!
Lefty kept it simple in an effort to remember that I am indeed a grown up and not an 8 year old. The bracelet is designer inspired and my apple watch is sporting it's shiny new leather band!

Righty has decided to embrace both the adult AND the 8 year old. The first two are some stretch bracelets I made that relate to my horses. The first one has Jamp's name on it, a t-rex bead (because he's Jamposaurus Rex), a blue ribbon, and underneath is a dark bay pony. The next one is Rio's. It has a giant cookie sandwich because his alias is Handsome Cookie, and the rest of the beads are the same as Jampy's. And last is a blue H bracelet to pretend I'm a classy adult.

I had a fun riding outfit last night too for you guys!

It's almost like camouflage for my tack room...

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
Greeny is back in the rotation! I think I need to clean him up a little, looking a little dusty...

Shirt: Kerrits
I've shared this one before. I can't decide if it's a great horse shirt, or kind of ugly. But it's really comfortable, and I love it either way. Plus it has ponies all over.

Belt: Ariat
I scored this one from Tack of the Day awhile back. I should have sized down as I need to punch a hole for the higher waisted breeches. But it was a great deal. It reverses to a plain brown belt too so you can be classy when necessary.

Breeches: SmartPak Piper
I maybe fell for that whole buy two get one free deal SmartPak had over the weekend. Oops. I wasn't going to. I didn't need three more pairs of breeches. I REALLY didn't. But they had green with tan patches. And I mean, I have a few pairs of green breeches, but that IS my main barn color, and the tan is my trim color... So obviously, if I was going to get them, I should take advantage of the deal. I also got the gray ones with turquoise piping and a pair of houndstooth/plaid ones. I usually get 28's in the pipers, but they're pretty snug so I sized up this time. I kind of regret that. I think I'm in between sizes. But probably these will shrink some in the dryer. Better too big than too small, am I right?

Boots: Horka
I'm trying to wear these more, because I really do like them. I love how tall they are especially! And that they are really comfy. They're almost as comfy as the Regals!

Spurs: Centaur
Straps: Ovation
These are still my favorite spurs. I wish I could get these exact spurs done up in the unicorn/oil slick process. That would be super fun. Not for this outfit though, obviously.

Baby Pad: Lettia
Girth: Jack's Mfg.
Saddle: Hermes
Half Pad: Horze
Rio got rained out last night (it started pouring about 5 minutes after I got inside with Jampy). (Also, there was a snake in my wash stall and I screamed like a little girl. Jampy and I both ran away. Then the snake ran away. But he's living in that rotten post. There is much drama in my life some days.) Anyway, do notice I found green fuzzy girths for the boys. Too far? I think not.

That's it for today! How's the weather where you are? Have you switched to the autumn wardrobe? Any favorites from today?


  1. These posts are so much fun. Definitely a highlight of Thursdays, and sometimes the week!

    1. Thank you! I love doing these posts, but never really knew if anyone else liked them!

  2. Hahaha so jealous that you got to take advantage of the Piper sale! I was sorely tempted. I also really love those Horka boots (which I've probably said before, but it's still true, so I'm gonna say it again).

    1. It was a moment of weakness... I probably shouldn't have!

  3. Funny story about that Kerrits top... I was at AETA when they debuted that print, and by the end of Day 1 it was already known far and wide by everyone as "the dead horse print". WHY ARE THEY UPSIDE DOWN, FOUR LEGS IN THE AIR??? LOL

    1. Hahahaha! Now I can't unsee that!
      I think it's supposed to be like a paisley print. More obvious on the blue one than the brown though I think. I was wondering about that too though. Poor dead horses all over my shirt...

  4. One of your TT posts inspired me to buy not one but TWO horse tops on modcloth on sale. Which I shouldn't ahve done, but don't regret!

    1. You needed new clothes for school. It was totally a need.