Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! And what a day it is... It's almost 80 here today! And it was sunny up until a little bit ago. I don't mind fall at all when it's like this outside! If only it was as warm in my office. Since today is my fake Friday, I kept it pretty casual today.
Jeans and a long sleeve tee. I'm so fortunate to work in a casual environment.

Top: Haley and the Hound
Haley and the Hound had an online warehouse sale a few weeks ago and these knit tops were $5.00. I know, right? I grabbed a few different colors. I have lots of crazy pants, but not that many plain shirts to pair with them. So these were a welcome addition to the closet. I really like the cowl neck too. It makes a boring shirt just a little more interesting.

Jeans: Kensie
I was flipping through the clearance rack at Marshalls one day, and happened across these jeans. I thought the color blocking was really fun and for under $20 I was sold! They're also the perfect length on me which is a rare find.

Shoes: Steve Madden
These were another clearance find. I love that they're wool and the little charms are adorable too. Though wool shoes maybe weren't my best choice for an 80 degree day. Oops. I'll febreeze them tonight just in case.

Arm Party!
I know what you're thinking... That isn't the orange band I've been sporting lately. And it's also not the old band. Well. You're right. Sadly, old band was laid to rest. The parentals brought it back to Hermes to get repaired and they were told they don't do repairs. Now if it were me, or had I been with them, I would have just taken it to any old leather guy and had some keepers sewn in. But my parents surprised me with a beautiful replacement band. They're good people. I think I'll keep them. (And my new band.)
Alongside all of that I am wearing a pretty wrap bracelet from Bindy USA. I got this one from the now defunct Little Black Bag. (Ugh, that was such a fun website. So miss them!)

Righty got a little fancy today with all that sparkle! First up is a rhinestone bracelet, origin unknown (because I can't remember). Next up is a little bitty rhinestone wrap bracelet that I think is from Fornash. And last is a friendship bracelet by Nakamol (also from Little Black Bag).

That's what I wore to work today, but I also have a riding outfit for you!

This was from Tuesday night when it was NOT 80 degrees.

Helmet: Charles Owen JR8
EXTREME CLOSEUP! Lol.... sorry. Anyway, awhile back I said this one hurt my head, but I think I just didn't do my hair right that day. It's perfectly comfortable now! I love the glitter!

Top: Horsewares
I actually thought this was a real sweater when I ordered it, and was little disappointed to find a sweatshirt with screen printing on it. But it's so stupid soft I decided to keep it and not hold a grudge. It's sooooo soft!

Belt: Mane Jane
You're probably getting tired of seeing this one. But I'm not! Sorry, not sorry.

Breeches: Trainer's Choice
I've had these for a few years. They were in the clearance bin at the local tack store for something like $20. There's nothing special about them, but I still have them, so clearly they were a good find!

Boots: La Mundial
I think this is the only pair of La Mundials that I really like. The green ones are so freaking tight, as are the blue ones which I've never even ridden in... (They're heading to used horse stuff if anyone out there is looking for blue boots.) But these are SO COMFY! I love that the spanish cuff is extra tall on the outside. They don't dig into my knees at all, but they still look really tall. I didn't get a great shot, but the top of these have blue patent trim making them a little extra fun.

Spurs and straps: Centaur and Mane Jane (respectively)
I really didn't do a great job getting boot pictures the other night. Sorry about that. These spurs are the same as the ones I had colored by color tack, but obviously this pair is in its original state. They're my favorites as far as fit and actual spur type/size. The straps are patent navy croc, and they have silver princess crowns with blue rhinestones on the keepers. I really should have gotten a better picture because they are SO CUTE! Also, they match my belt exactly. You know how I love that.

But that's not all! The boys want to share their outfits too!

They're not good at sharing with each other though, so even though they are identical, they each have their own bonnet and pad. You guys. I LOVE these unicorn items! The bonnets and pads are by HKM. I got them from some place in Germany. As for the shiny boots.... I wasn't going to get them. I'm holding out for ones that match the unicorn bits better (mine aren't here yet, you'll see them soon hopefully!) but then when these pads and bonnets arrived, I caved and ordered the boots from Punk Ponies Tack Shop. None of my blues ones really matched... So it was totally a need. Rio is wearing the brushing boots and Jampy is sporting the open fronts.

That's it for Thursday's threads this week! Do you have any fun new riding stuff? Any favorites from above? Opinions on unicorns?


  1. Looking spiffy as always! I love the horsewares shirt. I also enjoy that there are very exciting pony outfits too :D I am debating buying a used pair of parlantis that are for sale locally... hmmmm

    1. Thank you! I'm positive the ponies roll their eyes at me when I pull out matching outfits for them. But they are appeased by extra cookies :)
      My Parlanti's are still in good shape, but since I'm not showing I hardly ever wear them. I have heard that they aren't the most durable if you plan to wear them everyday.

  2. Weird, the first time I saw that Horseware shirt at AETA it definitely WAS a sweater.

    1. Right? I really thought it was too. Maybe they made two versions?