Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday's Threads plus a bonus breeches review at the end!

Outfit Day! I got an adorable new sweater I was hoping to wear today with the most perfect shoes for it... but alas, it's raining, and I didn't want to ruin those shoes. So I went with a more cozy look today instead.
It's been in the 70's and even hit 80 over the weekend, but today's high is only 59. So sweater weather has arrived I guess. Bummer.

Sweater: Seventh Avenue
I am fortunate to belong to a private shopping group (my credit card may disagree with that fortunate part...) that sells end of stock items at wholesale prices to the public. I grabbed this sweater from one of their sales a little bit ago, and it's PERFECT for a day like today. I like the little fringies at the bottom! Makes me feel like I'm wearing a blanket. (In a good way!)

Belt: J Crew
I found this belt at the J Crew outlet in the clearance bin about a year ago. It's elastic, and I think has an equestrian feel to it with the leather and brass closure on it.

Jeans: Mavi
Nothing too exciting about these jeans, but they are SO comfy. Lots of stretch to them and they are really soft.

Shoes: Sperry TopSider
TopSiders are obviously the perfect choice for a rainy day. The reason this style is called a boat shoe (or a deck shoe) is because they were designed originally to be worn on a boat. They have non marking soles, and can get wet without getting ruined. The non marking rubber sole keeps you from slipping on a wet boat deck too. (A little history for you all today!)

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing a little cuff bracelet from Kate Spade that has a rhinestone hashtag on one side and the word bestie on the other. I like to think of this one as Rio's bracelet. The other is my hashtag bracelet from KJ Creations which says #backyardbarn

Righty is trying to be all fancy and showy with this matching Hermes stack. I love that the two bracelets are the same exact shade of taupe. Not an easy feat!

That's what I wore to work today, but I have a riding outfit to share too!

And yes, it's green again. Maybe next week I'll wear some other colors! Only time will tell.

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
I think this one needs no introductions.

Sweatshirt: Ugh, sorry, bad blogger. I forget the brand on this one
I actually got this second hand from Poshmark for $5. How could I not get a tan sweatshirt with green ponies on it? It looks like it's barely been worn, so it was definitely $5 well spent! I think the hood cords are pretty cute with the wooden beads too.

Belt: Ralph Lauren

This is another Poshmark find. It's an older belt and seems fairly well worn, but I loved that snap for the closure.

Breeches: George Morris Collection Add Back Knee Patch Breeches
I have so many opinions on the George Morris Collection.... I love the clothes actually, and I REALLY want the show shirt with the green on the sides. But I think it's pretty silly to be named after George since I'm pretty sure he hates colored breeches, and to have a freaking crown for the logo. Like he's a king? On the other hand, I love me a pretty princess crown, so I'm happy to sport that logo. Such conflict... Anyway, keep reading to the end as I'll have more photos and some opinions about these breeches below. Clearly I love the color scheme here though!

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
I think the patterns from Dreamers and Schemers are SO FUN! But I'm also really cheap, so most of the time I just order the matching derp socks which are socks with minor blemishes in the pattern. Usually I can't even find the error. I really wish their socks were more like nylons though. The cotton kind of stretches out funny, but they do go back to normal once you wash them. I was really excited when I got these as a derp pair though! Green bits! Definitely a favorite.

Boots: La Mundial
I haven't worn these in awhile. I thought they were still not very broken in so I've been ignoring them. But they felt great to ride in this time, so maybe we're there now? They don't match the breeches as well as I thought they did. But whatever, close enough!

Spurs: Centaur and ColorTack
Spur straps: Mane Jane
The spurs you've seen before. I still love them. I kind of want to get more of these particular spurs colored and then maybe sell my regular ColorTack ones... Maybe this winter if they have another sale. Awhile back I saw Mane Jane post a pair of spur straps with these gold crowns. I had a silver pair already, but really didn't love the silver with my green and gold set up here. So obviously I caved and ordered a gold pair. SO GLAD I DID! They're so pretty. And sparkly.
Ok, as promised, let's talk more about these breeches. The George Morris Collection is from the parent company JPC Equestrian. They are also responsible for TuffRider, Equine Couture, and the Baker Collection (though they weren't the original Baker creators). This particular pair is the Add Back Knee Patch Breech.

As you can see, it's not the most forgiving fabric. The pockets are visible through the pants as are my tucked in shirts (not to mention my cellulite) which you'll see in the rear facing and side view photos below:

But, they are pretty true to size. I'm generally somewhere between a 28 and a 30 depending on the brand. I've been mostly getting 30's because I prefer them a little big to a little small. Plus, sometimes they shrink in the wash (looking at you ROMFH). These however did not shrink at all. The legs fit me pretty well despite showing my lumps and bumps:

The waist is a little loose for me, but that's kind of normal in my world. I have a larger bottom half than top half. With the nice wide belt loops and waistline, a belt helps the gapping so it's not really an issue for me.

I'm happy with the details on these breeches. I already mentioned how I think a crown is silly for GM, but I love crowns. So having like five of them on these pants is just fine with me! There is one on the big back belt loop, one by each pocket (embroidered on one side and hang tag on the other), and one by each ankle. Maybe overkill with the crowns... But I like them. I REALLY love the tan trim on these green ones too. Obviously since that makes these pants exactly my barn colors!
While I think a pretty tan knee patch to accent the piping would have been super fun, I'm starting to really like the grippy gel patches, so I don't mind these knee patches not being tan.

I've washed them twice so far and the gel is holding up just fine. Oh I forgot to count those little crowns on the gel! My bad. You don't see those once your boots are on if that concerns you.
Lastly, these have sock bottoms which are definitely one of the best things to happen to breeches since stretch was added.
I kind of wish the breech was a little shorter to allow for more sock bottom, but they stay put just fine as they are.
Overall, for the price, I like these breeches a lot. I wish they looked a little nicer on me, but if you're not especially lumpy and bumpy, they're just fine. I would never wear them in white though!
I think the sizing on these is more true to size than some of the other JPB brands. I find Equine Couture and sometimes Tuffrider to run a little small, but these are more generous in my opinion.
They are available in eight colors: white, navy, gray, green, cornflower blue, rust, wine, and tan. There are two other styles in the collection as well, but I have't tried those yet. I would consider adding another color or two to my riding closet in the future though! Retail on these seems to be right around the $95-$100 range depending where you get them. I got mine through Victory Canter, and they usually have a coupon code for 10-15% off on any given day. I had some Canter Cash and also used the coupon code so mine came in around $80 plus I got free shipping.

And that's finally the end of this very long Thursday's Threads! Have any favorites from today? Thoughts on the breeches? Have you tried them? What are you favorite breeches?


  1. I think I like the color but not the detailing

  2. The color options on those breeches kill me, with as traditional as GM is 😂 they look nice though!

    1. Right? Maybe the should have used a more fashion forward icon... like Karl Cook!

  3. I like the breeches! I need some d&s socks for sure :)

    1. I didn't know that! I follow them on insta but haven't ordered anything...yet