Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit DAY! Sorry I'm late, it's been a busy day at work and Romey had a visit from Doc. But I'm ready now! Let's see what I wore today:

Why, yes, that IS a Mario phone cover! Thanks for noticing. I wore green today, because well... I often wear green. But also because I was wanting to wear my green moto jacket. So I'll show you that first and then we'll get to my outfit.

Jacket: Black Rivet

I love the knit insert that comes with this jacket. You can zip it out if you don't like it (the hood goes along with it though), but I love it. This jacket is faux leather. I've been on the hunt for a similar one in real leather but haven't seen anything affordable. I found this one at the local Wilson's leather store. They're closing that one, so everything was 50% off. Making this around $40. That's in budget! Ok, now we can see my outfit up close.

Sweater: Rue 21
I love the mixed textures on this sweater. It has this basketweave look on the front, but the sleeves and the back are a smooth knit. My FAVORITE thing about this sweater? It was $1.00. Rue 21 has a rack of sweaters and long sleeve shirts on sale 5 for $5. Making each of those five items $1.00. Can't beat that!

Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad
I definitely don't go out of my way to buy celebrity fashion lines... But I found these jeans at Kohl's last year on sale and I loved the color. They're a coated denim. I think the coating is black but the pants are blue, making these a neat sort of midnight color.

Belt: No brand

This is one of my go-to belts! I got the green strap on ebay, so it doesn't have a brand. It is real leather though! My H buckle fits it perfectly.

Shoes: Kickers
I forget where I actually got these. They're really soft suede and ridiculously comfortable. You've seen them before, I've had them quite awhile.

Arm Party:
I've been keeping it home made on the wrists lately. Lefty here is sporting one of my new horse bracelets that I made along with my trusty apple watch.

Righty is wearing a wrap bracelet that I made along with my Rio bracelet. I love that photo bead I made using the prisma app. I might have also put that same image on a coffee mug...

And that's what I'm wearing today. No riding outfit since it's been about a hundred years since I sat on a horse. We're getting 5 inches of snow tomorrow and a possible blizzard on Tuesday, so I don't think that will change any time soon. Wah. #ihatethisweather

What are you wearing today? How's the weather where you are?


  1. Our weather is nuts today. 75 and sunny earlier, low of 29 tonight, with a snowstorm in the forecast for Saturday -- brrrrr!

  2. Hunter green = <3 It's -23 here. D: