Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

Um.... I might have dove off the diet bandwagon today.... The day started off on the right note. I got up almost on time, completed week 4 day 3 of Couch to 5K, and headed off to work. I had one of those single serve boxes of fruit loops for breakfast. That probably wasn't the healthiest choice, but could be worse right? I mean, it's not a donut!
I took an early and extended lunch break at 11:30 to meet the vet for spring vaccinations and tooth floating. And this is when things took a turn. My convenient lunch place closes at 2, so I didn't get done with the vet in time to stop there. Instead, I had to settle for the highway rest stop. Options are limited there: Dunkin Donuts (long line), Subway (holy crap, they ROB you there on the hightway. NOPE!), and McDonalds. If you know me at all, you know it was an easy choice. I got a filet o'fish, a medium fries, and medium coke. Yep. That right there is when the diving off the diet wagon started. But it gets worse.
Once inhaling enjoying my fried lunch was completed, I moved on to the wall of girl scout cookies I've been keeping in my office. I ate a row and a half of tagalongs. That's like 600 calories. Totally worth it.
I had big plans of eating healthy for dinner. I was going to groom the ponies and then head to the grocery store to restock the fridge with healthy food. Except I didn't do step 2. I imagine you can see where this is going....
For dinner I wound up eating a microwave pizza followed by binge eating chocolate. Someone please remind me of today when I complain about nothing fitting me and my being excessively... fluffy.

Can you commiserate with me on this? Please share your story below if so. Have anything else you need to confess today?


  1. Stacie, I feel like you and I are food twins. Seriously, can we meet up and just go eat sometime??

    1. Omg YES! All of my guilty eater friends have moved away, and I have no one to share in the gluttony with. Come visit CT!

    2. Oh man, count me in on this! I seriously just want to eat everything you do whenever I read a food post even if I've just eaten and I shouldn't even be hungry.

    3. This happens to me too. I think it's Instagram that's making me fat.

  2. I would have had the donuts for lunch, so you're at least doing better than me.