Thursday, October 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

What's up this Wednesday? Not much really... This is going to be a quick post! The weather here has been completely ridiculous and it's taking a toll on my saddle time! But let's try and talk ponies anyway...
Last Thursday, I left work around 3:30 to meet the chiropractor at the barn. I haven't done body work like that on my current herd, but trainer uses this chiro on Badger and he seems to really benefit. I figured with all the limping in my barn, it probably wouldn't hurt our situation. Rio did not get worked on. I didn't think it would be a great idea, and the chiro agreed. She says unless they're having a real problem it's best not to manipulate neurologically unsound horses. Glad we agreed! (Also, I have no media to share from out appointment. Sorry!)

We started with Romey figuring he would be the most challenging... Both in his need for manipulation and his poor attitude. Turns out, totally right on both accounts. Romey's withers were pretty bad but apparently that's common in ex-race horses. Unfortunately, the middle of his back, right about where the seat of my saddle sits, was also really out. Chiro is concerned he may have kissing spine, but isn't jumping to that conclusion just yet. Current plan is to treat with Robaxin for about a week and report back. I haven't been able to do a ton of riding thanks to the weather, but what we have done hasn't shown any improvement. And his attitude is worsening too. Which leads me to think he's hurting. Pretty sure I see lots more diagnostics in our future... I really need to stop "rescuing" horses. This never seems to go very well for my wallet or psyche.

On a more positive note, there wasn't much wrong with Jampy. He got a small adjustment to his SI which wasn't at all shocking given what my vet and I discussed at his last appointment. His only acupuncture points that "lit up" were his SI and stifles. Pretty much exactly what I expected on him. I can't say he feels much different under saddle as far as being more even. But he has been less reactive to all the voices in his head. I'm not sure if that makes sense if you don't know him... Generally he hears something and immediately scoots forward and/or sideways. It happens like ten million times each ride, but since his adjustment, he's down to 3 or 4 scoots per ride. That's a pretty big improvement! Oddly enough though, he's also twice as dead to my leg as he usually is. Not sure what's that about. I think he's ready for his winter vacation.

And lastly, Badger. You guys, remember how Badger was the only horse I own that's actually sound? Yeah. That was cool. Somehow the naughty child managed to pull a muscle in his back. So that's 4. Four limping horses. Obviously he'll be fine with some time off. Unfortunately, that meant my last weekend to ride him before he heads south didn't happen. He leaves Friday for Florida. Wah. Seriously, how are they ALL lame? All of them? My SEVENTEEN year old is the most sound horse I own. Oy.

Obviously the best way to deal with a pity party of the lame horse persuasion is retail therapy. One of my favorite tack stores is closing. The owners are retiring, so it's really not a sad ending, though I'll definitely miss shopping there. The bright side is the progressive "Grand Closing" sale they're holding. This week the entire store is 30% off. Eventually as it gets closer to their Dec 31st closing date, everything will go to 75% off. I was thinking it would be pretty exciting to find some TS show breeches for 30% off and since I'm the same size as half the horse riding world, I needed to shop early. Saturday was a rainy mess, so it was the perfect day to head up there. I found a pair of TS show breeches in my size, an RJ Classic jacket that's GORGEOUS, for something crazy like $75.00 (original price of $360), a pair of black schooling breeches, and these pretties for the ponies:
Brown Baby Pads! (And I got a green one too)

Green combo wraps!!!
I also picked up some treats of course. I may stop back up there toward the end. They had a few things I liked but really couldn't see any reason to spend the money on now. But if they're there later for 75% off.... well, that might be a different story!

The only bonus to all the rain we suddenly have been getting is that I've had a chance to socialize with humans. That's pretty rare! Friday night my sister-in-law had a Cabi party which is kind of like Pampered Chef but for clothes. Our mutual friend from high school is a hostess for the company, so it was a fun evening.  Also fun was seeing the news fan in their driveway. My brother is the tech expert for one of our local news stations. I really don't get used to seeing the news fan around though. So weird. If your'e ever in the market for anything tech related, you should check out his youtube channel. He reviews anything and everything you could imagine on there.
That's my bother on TV being famous

 As you know from Truthful Tuesday, I even got to go to Book Club despite my not finishing the book. Thankfully it would seem I was in the majority there. We really should just call it what it is: Wine Club.

Let's see...what else? It's super cold out. So that's awful. I couldn't turn my heat on because when I did it smelled like maybe my house was going to burn down. And the furnace man kept putting off my service. But I whined a little today, and I am now sitting in a nice warm house! Finally! The Pugs were super annoyed this morning when it was 52 degrees in the house. Also, tonight when I "rode" the horses (I use that term super loosely) it was 35 degrees. I swear it felt like -10 though. Worst. I hope you're all prepared for my whining about winter, cause 'tis the season!

And that's what's up with me this Wednesday. What's up with you?


  1. Love a good sale! But they're so dangerous....

    1. Truth. And Equine affair is in a few weeks... Ugh. My poor little wallet.

  2. Sorry to hear about all the ouchy ponies, but yay for human socializing and wine club! 😀